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Isnoreatmovies's Avatar Isnoreatmovies 04:33 PM 08-27-2013
I'm just making the transition from hanging sheets to drywall. I have the drywall up and am mudding all of the joints and screw heads. I'm getting ready to do mudding number two, will play it by ear depending on how smooth things are. Before I paint with primer, do I need to lightly mud and sand the entire surface, or just sand 'til everything's smooth?

It looks as though Killz2 is an acceptable primer from what I'm reading. Once I get a couple layers on I think I'll watch a few movies before I decide on which way I'm going with the final paint coatings. It would be nice to have an idea of what the gain with just the primer is approximately so I can have an idea of what I need to look at when making the painting decisions.

Thanks for any info.


MississippiMan's Avatar MississippiMan 02:03 AM 08-28-2013
1.0 to 1.1 gain, the latter if primer is applied via Roller instead of Sprayed due to increased sheen.
Eternitay's Avatar Eternitay 11:11 PM 08-28-2013
As far as mudding goes, I would always give it a second mudding after the initial one filling the joints and screw heads, not too thick, just enough to even everything out. No need to mud the entire thing however, as long as you didn't apply any area too heavily. Just sand and prime.
Isnoreatmovies's Avatar Isnoreatmovies 04:30 AM 08-29-2013
Thanks guys. I've got the drywall up, muddled and sanded. Priming starts tomorrow. I talked to the guy at Home Depot and he said not to expect to not see things through the Killz, so I may be making a decision on how to finish it off sooner than later. The bare drywall with mud already looks better than the sheets did when showing movies, and I was pretty happy with just the sheets.
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