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I ended up building my own 120" screen with matt white and black spandex!
I'm very impressed with the result.

This was made from a timber frame of 90x35mm with some right-angle supports on the back of the frame and inside corners to lock the frame square and a couple large right-angle supports from the floor to the back of the screen uprights to keep it upright. The L-frame support on the floor is secured to the skirting board behind to keep it square and secure.

Screen material is 1.5M x 2.6M matt white spandex on the front and matt black spandex stapled to the rear of the frame. The black on the back is to catch the stray light from the back of the screen and stop it reflecting off the walls and back onto the screen.

I used spandex to make the screen acoustically transparent so the front speakers can sit behind the screen.
I blacked out the windows with builders plastic because its a dedicated cinema room.

Fronts are 2 x 10" Velodyne Subs that you can see at each edge of the screen, with matching floor standing Sony SS-X70ED speakers for front L/R on top of Subs, plus sides and rear surrounds and a SS-CNX70ED centre. (7.2 surround)

3D gaming is awesome as are movies and my hi-res audio collection!

I still have a few final touches to make with some more spandex blackout below the screen and black felt surrounding the edge of the screen. oh and a more permanent centre speaker stand.

Pics - Ill take some more close ups and behind the screen later.

$130 for 4M of spandex in matt black and matt white
~$40 for timber
~$30 for brackets and screws
Overall about $200!
Im in Australia and ordered the spandex from Remnant warehouse at $16.95/m
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I did a quick rough manual calibration with a CA811 light meter and Im averaging about 18fc 100 IRE White in cinema mode (25 centre and 17 on the extreme edge)
Color Temp Normal
Brilliant Color on
Gamma 2.2 measured
Brightness 51
Contrast 50
Lamp Economic
Red Gain 107
Green Gain 100
Blue Gain 100
Red Offset 256
Green Offset 256
Blue Offset 256
HDMI video mode (not PC mode)

1 layer of white is plenty for this projector and the black being 3.5cm behind the white on the back of the frame means it doesn't "grey" the image too much but the black spandex still improves blacks a touch.
I didn't take any photos of it but I was testing earlier in construction and I could see stray ambient light behind the screen reflecting off the back wall back onto the screen in dark scenes before I finished covering the back.
With the room light on and projector off you can see the difference between the white edge of the frame and the black spandex behind giving a slight grey look.
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I took some more shots with the projector properly calibrated now and with a bit more work done on the screen.
I made the screen black surround from black plush car carpet from a 1M wide strip and 3M long. I cut it into strips to fit around the edge of the screen and double sided velcro'd it on.

Here's some shots to show off the calibration and the contrast, dynamic range, colour saturation and some shots of my screen construction. Sorry its hard to photograph the back of the screen now its all mounted.
I used a Canon 5DMk II with 16-24mm F2.8 lens mounted on tripod. I took 2 shots of each still, one with camera measured exposure which sometimes over exposed and 1 shot with 1 stop under exposure which was more representative of what I saw in terms of brightness and colour. Most of the shots I have posted here are the 1 stop under shots.
You will occasionally see rainbow effect in some of the shots but it is never visible to the naked eye.

Here's some oblivion shots. This is one of my favourite films for checking contrast and colour due to its excellent transfer quality and consistency with colour balance from shot to shot.
First off though here's my black level calibration and SMPTE colour calibration from DVE.


Oblivion shots

Toy Story from WoW

Up from Wow

Another from Wow

Room Shots

Behind the screen

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That looks very cool.

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Nice screen, tthanks for sharing.

Did you Sound measurements?.
Could you take a closer photo to the sharpen calibration?, i would like to see if there is loss of sharpness with Spandex.

Thanks !

NOTE: I can´t find gray/silver Milliskin in SpandexWorld frown.gif

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Originally Posted by Gn0m4 View Post

Nice screen, tthanks for sharing.

Did you Sound measurements?.
Could you take a closer photo to the sharpen calibration?, i would like to see if there is loss of sharpness with Spandex.

Thanks !

NOTE: I can´t find gray/silver Milliskin in SpandexWorld frown.gif

My amp has easily re equalised the top end for the very slight drop it caused with its automatic calibration. (at age 45 im lucky to be hearing upto 16khz now anyway)
It would be hard to demonstrate the sharpness in a photo but I see no drop in sharpness.
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Very nicely done. and some excellent Screen Shots as well.

A well balanced image, contrast to brightness, can always help make the taking of Screen shots a easier task to accomplish.

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A great project. I may want to consider a larger screen on next projector upgrade. Thanks for the really good screen shots. Bonus that I got from the shots is that it is Oblivion is one of my favorite films.

Mitsubishi 3800 projector onto 103 inch DIY AT screen. Marantz 8802A Sound ably handled with DIY LCR speakers. Surrounds are Paradigm in wall speakers. Overhead speakers for Atmos and DTS:X are minimus 7. DIY IB sub system. Two pairs of Dayton 15 inch in separate manifolds. Power amps are Harman Kardon Signature 2.1 doing basic 5 bed channels. Kenwood KM-X1 6 channel for L/R wide and four overhead speakers. Kenwood Basic M1D doing Subwoofer work.
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I built some anamorphic 2.39 masks today and it makes a great difference. It really keeps you in the film instead of being distracted by the gray bars!

I got some ideas off the forum and adapted them to what I could get locally here in Australia at the local hardware.
Rather than go for something more elaborate these are just simple masks that can be put in place and removed in about 1 min.
Now that Ive got the manufacturing right for this and they actually work, I might look at making them again and attached with flip up and down, and integrate them into the 16:9 mask so when they are not in use the just become part of the 16:9 mask.

I got 6 sheets of corflute board which is a corrugated plastic board 3mm thick to keep the masks light and give them some stiffness. ($5 per sheet)

Its ultra light but still stiff enough to not flex too much.

I placed a sheet onto the screen into a corner with a 2.40 aspect film running to make the measurement directly onto the sheet and then took it off and marked it up with ruler before cutting.
I did this once for the bottom and for the top piece each, and then used the same measurements for the other pieces.

I had to think for a while how I was going to join the pieces and keep a nice stiff joint. I then had a brainstorm and used BBQ skewers to join the pieces and stiffen the joints. They were a nice not to tight not too loose fit into the corrugation.

You can see the arrows I marked on the pieces because I have a clean uncut edge for the inside edge so the mask has a nice clean edge. I cut each piece from opposite sides of the boards so I had at least 1 clean edge on each piece.
Here you can see them sliding together onto the skewers and meeting with a nice clean stiff butt joint. It reminded me of my old model aircraft days building wing spars!

I then used some small double sided Velcro patches to hold them in place on the screen with a 240 aspect film going so I could tape the joints into alignment and make sure I had a nice straight edge the full width of the screen.
I then carefully rolled out my $10 a meter felt I picked up from spotlight, making sure to have it tensioned and perfectly flat on the floor. Its natural grippy-ness meant I could lightly pull it out in each direction against the friction of the felt and the carpet to remove wrinkles and creases.

I then took the mask into the garage and sprayed contact adhesive onto one side before bringing it back and carefully laying the board down onto the felt lining up one end and the standing the board on its long edge before carefully laying it flat. You only get one chance with getting it lined up and wrinkle free because you cant realign it once it sticks!

I then pressed firmly onto the board from end to end and edge to edge to get a good smooth finish.
I then cut the felt leaving enough of an edge to fold and glue with more contact adhesive spray. I cut the felt last because I thought it would be easier to keep it wrinkle free that way.

I then sprayed the top edge of the felt and board before folding it to 90% first by running my hand along the edge and making a nice clean edge before folding it right over and working from the middle to the ends.
For the top mask I only folded the bottom edge of the felt over and left the top edge open to attach some Velcro to hang it from my screen surround.(The plush car carpet which actually turned out to be blacker than the felt and also less reflective than the felt! You cant see the difference with the lights out and projector running bur the carpet was definitely darker than the felt)

Here's the finished top mask. A nice clean edge and smooth finish!

And now for the big test! Sorry these are not perfectly straight and some maybe slightly blurry as they were all hand held shots.
Here's with bottom mask in place only. (it just sits in place, I made it very slightly longer than the inside edge of the surround mask so that each end sits under the edge of the outside mask and that enough to hold it in place.
Wow nice difference!

Zoomed in a bit with top mask still not in place.

Both masks in place with a bit of over exposure so you can see just how black it really is.

With proper exposure.

A really tough shot to photograph well but this is pretty close to what I saw by eye. The very slight bloom in the centre of the screen was not visible by eye.

See the nice detail in the blacks slowly blend into darkness.

Some black/white contrast shots with Teds test patterns.
Down to 16 black and up to 247 white visible with my latest calibration.
See the difference in the light absorption between the felt and the black carpet edge of the screen at the bottom!
As I said before not visible with 2.40 aspect film as the felt will never have that much light on it.

Down to 0 black (a very small step visible to -4% black but too hard to photograph better than this, if you look closely you can still see it though)
Up to 109% white.

Jriver MC19 with 12% overscan crop factor in theatre view so the menu and text fits within 2.40 aspect when browsing for movies.
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Great build bud. The W1070 is an excellent little projector. I love mine.
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