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Hey guys, I was hoping to get some useful advice before I start this big upcoming project. I am in charge of maintenance at a bowling alley, and have three HUGE Da-lite screens that have terrible looking streaks in them. The streaks are from water damage that happened while they were still rolled up, and have a repeating pattern all the way across.


These are pretty massive screens (146x260) so I could use some help from the pros on the forums to help me decide which Maxxmudd version to use, and how much I might need. I'm planning on using a sprayer while on a ladder, and will use exact Maxxmudd recipes after hitting them with coats of 1850 primer. 


The screens are a thin stretchy material as pictured below, and have to be painted while they are in this upright position, due to their big size and poor mobility.



They are all 6000 lumen Panasonic PT-DW6300  projectors, always in a dark setting as pictured, and they are a minimum of 60 feet away from anyone viewing them. Most of the lighting in the room is black light fluorescent, but it doesn't shine directly on to the screens. 


Any help would be much appreciated, as I would like to start ordering the painting materials ASAP. Thanks in advance guys!

Let me know if you could use any more information or pictures.

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DIY Granddad (w/help)
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OK..........first let's welcome you aboard the DIY Screen Forum. It's great that you chose us to give you advice, as well as instructional help, because you can certainly use as much "got'cher back" as you can muster up. wink.gif

This is a huge undertaking, but you already grasp that I'm sure. Let me say would be daunting for anyone....period. That's not to say it's something impossible, or something you should run screaming in the opposite direction from; .........but it will demand attention to specific detail and following directions without variance.

Here is a punch list that puts specific and important aspects out in front for consideration.
  • First and foremost the surfaces of each screen must be cleaned, and the best thing to use would be a 10% alcohol / water solution applied very lightly with a slightly dampened "Soft LARGE" sponge. No "scrubbing", just a light wiping.
    You can do this "cleaning" on a Ladder, but it's going to be quite difficult, so I suggest the following....
  • You'll need at least 4, preferably 5 lightweight Saw Horses, and 4 - 12' x 2" x 8" planks, "brick layed" in a 8' x 12' pattern and bridged with 3/4" Plywood every 4'. You will absolutely need a stable, movable and sufficiently wide walkway to paint the screens as you shuffle sideways at a continuous pace. A Ladder just isn't a feasible choice at all. You can put the walkway in place, start spraying at top and when you reach waist level, jump down and move the walkway / saw horses back 4'-5' and finish the bottom 1/3rd of the screen.
  • You will need to use some method to secure the edges of the screen, bracing them from moving against the air pressure of the HVLP Gun. You can kill the proverbial "Two Birds" by incorporating Tape / Cardboard "Wings" that lay behind the outside edges of the screen border, and that are secured from behind by cords run between whatever you can tie them to up top, and weighted at the bottom with a simple Sand bag. Expect this to be a "One Screen at a Time" project, as you will also need to drape / cover the surrounding areas with thin .8 mil Plastic 9' x 12' sheets. Using 3" wide "Frog Tape" you can both cover the Black Fabric edges of each Screens as well as secure the edges to the under laying Cardboard.
  • Next up is coverage of the streaks. This present the most important step, because you first must make those streaks disappear, but at the same time not overload the screen surface with too much paint. This will require a thin Primer / Polyurethane mixture applied over several light coats. I suggest Zinnser "Bulls Eye" primer diluted with 20% Poly and thinned with 20% distilled water. This would be applied using a HVLP sprayer in "Duster" fashion, with a minimum of 70% row overlap.
  • Adequate Coverage using the Primer / Poly mix should be obtained after 4 coats.
  • A light scuff sanding using a large Fine grit sanding Sponge (dry) should be done after the 3rd Primer coat.
  • Applying the RS-MM-LL in the normal manner will be the next step. 3 light Duster, a light sanding, and 2 light finishing Dusters...all with 70% overlap.
  • It would be very advisable to utilize at least 2 - 20" Pole fans set on medium speed from 12' away to hasten dry times and make the paint contract.

The above is pretty generalized...basic paint mixing / straining is all the same. As far as the quantity of RS-MM-LL needed, you should count on needing at very minimum 4 gallons, so making up a 5 gallon mix is best advised.

This is a wow-WoW-WOW project, truly epic in proportions. I woke up at 12:30 hoping to read a bit more of the last book in the Ender Quartet to make my eyes droop, and now sleep is an impossibility. You'll be responsible for my being narcoleptic later today, so please, take all the above and do something constructive. wink.gif
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Thanks for the help MississippiMan, I truly appreciate it, especially as I will likely have a handful of questions along the way. I'll be sure to take pictures all the way through the project, in case I don't screw it up, and it could prove useful to someone else down the road.


  • Scaffolding and/or ladders will be a pain either way, because of the weird spacing with the gutters and walkways. I'm still trying to come up with another clever way to not have to stretch too far while spraying, while keeping adequate support. I'll have to measure some stuff out to see if I can reasonably fit the sawhorses in there.
  • I've tried cleaning the screens with a diluted vinegar mixture, hoping it would fade the streaks, but it did nothing. I'll do the alcohol treatment, I'm assuming thats just to clear the dust, not to actually get rid of the streaks?
  • Luckily the screens are on a very sturdy metal frame, and are a nice tight fit, so I think it should be fine without much extra support. I'll definitely be taping the black frame, and covering the lanes and walls. I'd expected to need 3+ coats of both primer and painting. I'll try 4 with a sanding after 3 like you mentioned. Any idea how long it might take to dry with the Zinnser/20/20 mix you mentioned? Ideally I'd like to do multiple coats in a day, but not during business hours, so time is limited.
  • I would really prefer to do all 3 screens in the same shift, painting and priming obviously different days, and will have a couple helpers while doing so. I'm assuming the paint will have a longer cure time before recoating, as opposed to the priming? I'll go ahead and order up the RS-MM-LL supplies and the primer too, how many gallons of primer do you think it'll take?
  • I'll definitely invest in some fans, and keep the AC on constant cycle while it's drying. I've flipped through the forum, but can't do this without some expert advice, so again, I really appreciate the detailed help, but will have some stupid questions along the way for sure.
  • Sorry about keeping you up, would you suggest the whole Ender's series? I've only ever read Ender's Game but thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm glad people like you and I can get excited about these kinds of projects. It's a pretty big undertaking, but I'm excited and confident.
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