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MississippiMan's Avatar MississippiMan 12:49 AM 11-17-2003

Originally posted by actonweber

MSMan - that PM was sent at 9:13 a.m. the other day. Sorry I missed you in NJ!

John in Northern NY

I haven't left yet, 'cause I left my Passport at home. 20 mile round trip.
"Would you let this man paint your screen?"

I'll be in Vancouver until Thursday am and in Wayne until sunday am.

Move heaven and earth and show up on Friday or Sat. It's a "Once in a Life time" opportunity, well worth the effort. Why, it is vitually the stuff of Dreams! (...whew boy!)

Would I say that on this thread at the risk of future repudation?

Hell's fires! No Way!

(I'm reaching out desparetly for independent, unbiased validation on several fronts here!)

CMRA's Avatar CMRA 12:37 PM 11-17-2003
My first efforts with ME+ remind me of my pre Misty Evening efforts with grey paint. Here's what I did, Mixed the 30-30-20-20 formula in a one shot solution (30% glaze and clear flat base each, 20% ME and Silver each). Power mixed for 10 minutes. Painted test board prepainted with ME. Applied one coat of ME+.
Here's a snap atop my ME screen.
CMRA's Avatar CMRA 12:44 PM 11-17-2003
After, drying I took a series of screen shots. All of them are consistent with the following images. Just so there's no 'what if' I shifted the board in the second shot, ie, reversing the position. First shot ME on the left, ME+ on the right.
CMRA's Avatar CMRA 12:56 PM 11-17-2003
Here's the exact same shot with the board reversed. It isn't hard to tell which is which. This time ME+ is on the left, Me on the right.
Soooo..., what did I do wrong?
actonweber's Avatar actonweber 12:56 PM 11-17-2003
CMRA: Your posted shots look almost EXACTLY like mine from last week (except your pics are much higher quality), but I used the wrong Silver Metallic paint. I was just about to mix up a new batch using the Behr SM #743 when I checked for posts. Interesting. I should have some results by tonight.

MSMan: Funny, I had a 20 mile screw-up yesterday! Forgot my paint when I left my daughter's for home! If I get the same results as CMRA with the ME+ I will be following your instructions!!!!

John in Northern NY
johnstof's Avatar johnstof 01:09 PM 11-17-2003
Your posts of over a week ago with your side by side shots showed a dramatic improvement of ME+ over ME. CMRA's pics show the exact opposite.

Scoob indicated that he calibrated his PJ for the ME+. CMRA, what is your PJ calibtrated to? Could it make that much of a difference? I seem to recall that Scoob indicated that the setting changes, pre and post recalibration, were very slight.
jcardona's Avatar jcardona 01:12 PM 11-17-2003
I believe scoobs formulation calls for 30% of SM and Glaze. 20% of Flat base and ME. It looks like you swapped the SM for the flat base
CMRA's Avatar CMRA 01:39 PM 11-17-2003
Scoob, let me know if my ingredients are right first. Family pix enclosed.
actonweber's Avatar actonweber 02:38 PM 11-17-2003
jcardona: Unless I looked at the wrong post by Scoob, CMRA (and I) have it right - 30-latex base, 30-faux glaze, 20-ME and 20-SM. I just put a coat on over my ME+ from last week (made with Sherwin-Williams SM) and it looks identical so far. Let's hope it dries differently. I expected some "sparkle" from the Behr SM and hence, the ME+. I didn't get it, yet.

CMRA: My cans/jar look exactly like yours, except I am still using my True Value clone ME paint which should make no difference. And my foam roller is a different color!

Patience, I keep telling myself!

John in Northern NY
johnstof's Avatar johnstof 03:23 PM 11-17-2003
Just to remind everyone...Scoob's first ME+ was the following:
33% Faux glaze
32% clear flat base
20% Misty Evening
15% Silver metallic

He acknowledged the percents were probably plus or minus 5%. So for the first time on Nov 7 in this thread the formula was rounded of to:
30% Faux glaze
30% clear flat base
20% Misty Evening
20% Silver metallic

That's theoretically slighlty more silver than the first ME+ and I don't know if that is why CMRA's screen looked so dark.

As Shaggy would say....Scooby Doo where are you?....we need your input.
actonweber's Avatar actonweber 05:24 PM 11-17-2003
Well, my first coat of ME+ is fairly dry. The pic attached here shows the significantly darker grey color (ME+ is on the left, ME on the right.) There is some sheen to the dried surface but not as much as with the S-W glaze metallic mix I used last week. There is no sparkle to the finish. BUT, the pictures look better than with the glaze I used last week. Suffice it to say that, at first take, the blacks are significantly blacker (no surprise) and the brightness initially is lower but acceptable. Stay tuned, I want to watch it more (with HDTV) split screen with ME and get other opinions. I will attempt another snapshot or two. As you may remember, I struggle mightily with my digital camera.

John in Northern NY
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 05:24 PM 11-17-2003
Hello all-
Busy day.

I'm shocked that your shots look like this. Not at all what I've got, and yes, the materials you have look to be the correct ones.

Your first shot looks reasonable with the difference of "gray" between the two, but the ME+ does look a little dark compared to mine. I'll have to check that, but as I just painted my screen this weekend, I can say that the difference wasn't so much darker as grayer (without the green/blue tint).

Beyond that,I'm Stumped! I painted mine two coats on a wet-sanded ME base and I love the results. The projector settings were actually a little more changed than I originally posted when I did the full screen. But the whites should not be killed the way these shots portray.

Last night I took a bunck of ss, but haven't yet processed them. Let me do that and I'll post some in a while.
actonweber's Avatar actonweber 05:26 PM 11-17-2003
This is the arrowhead shot from Gladiator. The color reproduction is not accurate in this digital pic BUT the relative difference between ME+ (left) and ME (right) is.

John in Northern NY
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 05:55 PM 11-17-2003
Since I no longer have ME to compare against, you have to useyour imagination - or your mouse to go see the comparable shots I posted earlier. These are all from Gladiator (my favorite movie? You be the judge).

I think you'll agree that my whites are not being killed the way CMRA's seem to be with his test panel. Again, let me say I'm stumped. But maybe with some calibration, his will improve... Time will tell. Digital Video Essentials is only $18 + s/h!

First up, some of the 3 white men.
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 05:57 PM 11-17-2003
A more complex shot with whites and blacks.
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 05:58 PM 11-17-2003
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 05:59 PM 11-17-2003
Hand job, er shot.
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 06:01 PM 11-17-2003
OOPS! I thought he was...
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 06:02 PM 11-17-2003
Max again. Highness
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 06:04 PM 11-17-2003
Mustn't forget the sister. Love that sky blue.
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 06:05 PM 11-17-2003
A special tribute to MississippiMan. Going all the way sideways.
CMRA's Avatar CMRA 06:33 PM 11-17-2003
I have to wonder, if I used ME as a Base Coat and then applied a transparent 'silver' mix, that is, silver metallic suspended in a glaze like top coat, what would be the effect? Have you given something like that a go?
scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 06:35 PM 11-17-2003
That was my original idea, but I couldn't roll it. I suggested that the sprayers try something like that, but no one ever replied one way or the other. If you have the means, I'd give that a whirl.
agrelck's Avatar agrelck 09:10 PM 11-17-2003
So how many people have duplicated scoob5555's success with his mix? Are most people coming out with the shade of gray that he is, or are people coming up with CMRA's problem?
gkanders's Avatar gkanders 09:28 PM 11-17-2003
So CRMA, is it fair to say you personally are still seeing best results with 2 coats of ME over 2 white basecoats?

Scoob, are you seeing the best results with 2 coats of the 30-30-20-20 mixture over 2 white coats?

MM, what is your "easy to do, hard to screw up" recommendation?

I'm getting so confused...

One other question. I asked this on the Gatorboard/Gatorfoam thread as well, but do you think that material is a candidate to paint if Parkland is hard to find locally? It also seems like that material may be easier to mount than the Parkland. MM, is it still a good idea to wet-sand if I ended up trying to paint the Gatorfoam?

Thanks for any enlightenment, guys.
Scrawner's Avatar Scrawner 10:36 PM 11-17-2003
I tried the ME+ formula 30:30:20:20 thereabouts on a small 2x2 test panel a couple days ago, and found only a slight difference when placed against my ME screen. Images on the ME+ were ever so slightly darker (producing ever so slightly darker blacks--maybe) but also made for a slightly duller white than the ME. My wife said "I can't really discern a difference---certainly not worth repainting your screen for...I'd leave it alone "... I tend to agree. Back to the drawing board for me.

On a small section of the panel, I also mixed up MississippiMan's SM/UPW formula; and found it to ever so slightly whiten the whites over ME, but again didn't seem worth doing a full repaint over for me (I project with an l300u).

I must mention that I mixed my sample batches of ME+ paint using a soup spoon...~6:6:4:4 spoonfulls of each...certainly not scientific. The 20%'s were SM and ME; 30% Clear and 30 %Faux Glaze YMMV
PINNACLE's Avatar PINNACLE 05:20 AM 11-18-2003
I've been following this thread, please take notice.

on page 1, 11-02-03, 5:58pm


ON PAGE 4, 11-10-03, 1:58PM


Take notice... the CLEAR FLATE BASE and the SILIVER MATTALLIC are switched.

scoob5555's Avatar scoob5555 06:41 AM 11-18-2003
Hard to keep all of that straight when I'm typing it so much. The corect formula is the one I've written several times now (with the exception of that one):
30% Faux Glaze (Behr #748)
30% flat base (Walmart ColorPlace #5053)
20% Silver metallic (Behr #743)
20% Misty Evening (Glidden Evermore flat masonry/stucco)

As I've suggested, these can be changed to tinker with the formula. I only stopped because I was satisfyied with the results of the above mix - and I was running out of my 2nd quart of ME fast.

If I were to continue to tinker (say if the wife quit glaring at me as I disappear into the basement), I would add more ME to the mix at the expense of the flat base. It's just a hunch, but I think that has the best potential of any change.

And I painted this formula over my previously complete ME screen (2 or 3 coats of Kilz2 primer then 2 or 3 coats of ME). I thought about painting over the ME with a few coats of Behr Ultra Pure White eggshell, but opted not to since my test panels were completed over ME.

And I did 2 coats of the ME+ over my ME screen.
actonweber's Avatar actonweber 07:22 AM 11-18-2003
I can confirm the same results that CMRA posted. Unfortunately, my pics are not worth attaching but the slightly improved blacks at the expense of crushed whites as posted by CMRA yesterday are exactly what I am seeing with my ME+/ME split screen. I just noticed one difference in mixtures - I used flat, white CEILING paint instead of masonry/stucco for my ME mixture. But I am pretty sure the only difference there is in the paint's consistency in application rather than any significant change in results as a screen. They are both stlll flat, white bases with the same tints added. Any comments from paint experts on that?

Scrawner - are our wives related? Mine had almost the exact same comments as yours to the ME+!

I am not giving up on ME+. I have not recalibrated to the ME+ side of my screen yet. Later.......

John in Northern NY
bcortez's Avatar bcortez 12:03 PM 11-18-2003
I've also gone through the entire thread assembling together the pieces to come up with a somewhat comprehensive overview of the parts list and directions. Below are my findings. Can someone confirm this for accuracy. I wouldn't want all of scoob's hard work to get lost in the thread details.

Scoob5555 DIY Theater Screen

Roll on technique.

Materials needed:

1 - 4'x 8' doAble board (or an equvalent material with a white glossy surface)
2 - "Medium " Large Wet Sanding Sponges
3 - tack cloths
1 - 4' "Screw On " extension Pole
2 - 1/4" Nap "Lint Free" Rollers. (Best quality)
2 - 6" foam roller. (Best quality)
2 - Large "Roller" Paint Trays


Kilz2 primer

ME+ Topcoat Mixture:

30% Faux Glaze (#748 Behr Premium Plus with Style, Faux Glaze)
30% Clear Flat Base (Walmart Color Place #5053 - Interior Latex Flat Wall Paint)
20% Silver Metallic (#743 Behr Silver Premium Plus)
20% Misty Evening (Glidden Evermore flat masonry/stucco)

NOTE: When rolling, use a light, even coat with unidirectional rolling (to avoid transition smudging)

1. Use a doable board from Home Depot, (4'x 8' with a white glossy surface)

2. Scuff sand the surface then prime with Kilz2 primer using the 1/4" Nap "Lint Free" Roller

3. Allow a full day of drying

4. Scuff sand the surface then prime with 2nd coat of Kilz2 primer using the 1/4" Nap "Lint Free" Roller

5. Allow a full day of drying

6. Add 1 layer of pure ME

7. Allow a full day of drying

8. Wet sand smooth and clean with a tack cloth

9. Add 1 layer of pure ME

10. Allow a full day of drying

11. Wet sand smooth and clean with a tack cloth

12. Add 1 layer of ME+ Topcoat Mixture using the 6" foam roller

13. Allow a full day of drying
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