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bcortez's Avatar bcortez 08:05 AM 04-12-2004
On a lark, I was leafing through the Behr swatches at my local Home Depot, and found the "Silver Screen" paint. Light grey, seemed similar to the "Misty Evening". So, I rolled two coats on a piece of white GatorFoam, and voila, a cheap two coat solution.

In my opinion, this gives definite contrast enhancement and deeper blacks than plain blackout cloth or the white GatorFoam surface. If you are looking for a quick down-and-dirty screen for your LCD projector, this took approx 3 hours total, most of that time was waiting for the coats to dry.

The Surface Material:
GatorFoam Board (a foam core artist material used for poster mounting)
The Paint:
Behr "Silver Screen" (770E-2) mix using Ultra Pure White (UPW) flat latex

Generic Formula of Behr SS:
1 gallon flat white latex base
20/48ths of Lamp Black
20/48ths of Raw Umber (a dark, murky yellow/orange-based pigment)
2/48ths of Red

NOTE: Wait for it to cure enough (about 2 weeks) before judging it. If you do it while it's still wet, you may see hot-spotting. It's like brewing a good lager beer, let it mellow a while, then decide.
The Materials:
Foam Roller
Extension Pole
Paint mixing attachment for a hand power drill
Projector Results using Pure Behr SS paint, on varying surfaces
(gleaned from comments on this thread)
(1) Great, Love it
(2) Satisfied, OK
(3) Not fully satisfied, but sticking with it while I look for something better
(4) I'm trying something else now

Benq 6200 (1)(1)(2)
BenQ PE7700 (1)
BenQ 8700 (4)
Dell 2200mp (1)
Epson Home20 (1)
Epson PowerLite Home 10+ (4)
Epson S1+ (2)
Hitachi CP-X300 (1)
Infocus X1 (1)(1)(1)(2)(3)(4)
Infocus 4805 (1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(2)(3)
Mitsubishi HC2 (?)
NEC HT-1000 (2)
NEC MT1065 (3)
Optoma EP727 1080i DLP Projector (1)
Optoma H27 (1)
Optima H30 (1)
Optoma HD70 (1)
Panasonic PT-AE700U (1)(1)(1)(1)
Panasonic PT-L200u (4)
Panasonic PT-L300 (3)
Panasonic PT-L500U (1)(2)
Panasonic PT-L900 (1)(1)(1)
Sharp DT-400 (2)
Sharp PG A10x (3)
Sanyo Z1 (1)
Sanyo Z2 (1)(1)(1)(3)
Sanyo Z3 (1)(1)
Sanyo Z4 (1)
Sharp XR-1S (1)
Sharp XR-10X (1)
Sony HS-51 (1)(4)
Viewsonic PJ 551 (3)

My Theater:
Screen: 80"x45" Behr Silverscreen painted over GatorFoam (Ser # 0001)
Primary Viewing Distance: 11'
Projector: Panasonic PT-L500U LCD (via 7.5m DVI cable)

Home Theater PC (HTPC):
- AMD Athlon 2600 (overclocked)
- Asus A7N8x Deluxe Motherboard
- 1GB Corsair PC3200 RAM
- ATI AIW 9000pro (DVI)
- myHTPC Software (v24)
- TheaterTek Movie Player Software
- Two 120GB SATA Drives (internal - setup in a Raid 0 Array)
- Six 160GB SATA Drives (external - USB)

Receiver: Panasonic SA-XR25 5.1 (via SPDIF)
Speakers: Cambridge Soundworks MovieWorks 108 Speaker System

HDTV: Projected via component video cables from a Verizon FiOS Digital HDTV settop box

fallenturtle's Avatar fallenturtle 11:49 AM 04-12-2004
would this paint work on a blank wall?
zapper's Avatar zapper 01:51 PM 04-12-2004

MississippiMan's Avatar MississippiMan 02:49 PM 04-12-2004

Originally posted by zapper


Cumon guys......, it's a Latex paint, fer gudness sayk!

If it can go onto a peice of Parkland Plastic, it can go onto almost any surface. Just be sure the surface is flat, and keep the texture down to a minimum.


great little job of searching all those crazy color swatches.
I'll be looking at your discovery ASAP, maybe even try it at the shoot out

MaximAvs's Avatar MaximAvs 03:16 PM 04-12-2004

what is the chip number? Is it Behr Premium?!
gambit's Avatar gambit 03:25 PM 04-12-2004
zapper's Avatar zapper 08:00 PM 04-12-2004

Joking, aside what is your opinion on what the picture looks like on the painted screen? Heck I should try it first and see what the picture looks like. Can't beat the price.

Thanks for the info.

By the way have you seen any projectors on regular screens and what are your thoughts when compared to The BEHR?? I am also buying the Panny 500.


bcortez's Avatar bcortez 08:17 AM 04-13-2004
I'll be away on business the next 3 days. However, I'll try to take some screen snaps this weekend and post sometime Monday. I'll take one with the plain white gator foam on one side and the painted side on the other. That should give some perspective of the difference and the removing of the hotspotting too.

RE: zapper - I previewed the Panny 500 at my dealer on a HCCV screen, and frankly, i really didn't that much of a major difference, but that's one mans un-scientific take it as that.

RE: MissMan - Thanks. I've been on the LF thread for months now, but needed a quick, easy, down-and-dirty screen ASAP for guests arriving in May. Looking at the swatches, I saw this one that seemed to look close enough to Misty Evening to at least try on some GatorFoam. It HAD to be better than the crazy hotspotting and over-the-top brightness of the untreated white surface. It was definitely worth the cost of the paint and an afternoon of time.

I rolled (and let it dry) laying flat on the floor since I have no means to do it vertically. I know it's not optimal, but heck, it worked out fine anyway.
It's an easy paint to roll, without any thinning required. Just under one quart did two coats on a 4'x8' sheet on only one side. Using it on the GatorFoam board, it rolled out nice and even (and I'm no pro painter by any stretch - I'm a software engineer by trade). But, as I went down to use it last night, I found that as it dried, it contracted a bit and bowed the foam board about 6 inches on each side (easy way to make a curved screen though). I now have to mount some framing on the back anyway (for the semi-permanent mount), so this should take care of the bowing problem too. I still have to mask the sides with black cloth, but for now, it really is a good temp screen until I can convince the wife we need a LF screen this summer

NOTE: I'll bet if I painted the back, it would counter the bowing of the front.
KLAATUWI's Avatar KLAATUWI 01:26 AM 04-14-2004
I also found SS to be interesting choice until I read on another thread about the use of Gliddens Folkstone which is a grey with a very slight red tint to it. I painted it onto my parkland and with only 1 coat, just to see the initial change and I havent touched it since. It's been that way for about 3 or 4 months now.
I currently have the ptl-300.
zapper's Avatar zapper 04:32 PM 04-14-2004

Pardon my stupidity but what is a parkland?

MaximAvs's Avatar MaximAvs 10:42 AM 04-15-2004
I also like the look of that Glidden Folkstone. I might get a quart of each the Folkstone and the SilverScreen and see which I like better.
NATHANG27's Avatar NATHANG27 11:08 AM 04-15-2004
Tested the Behr "Silverscreen" last night. Painted a small area of leftover screen and held up to an unpainted part of the larger screen. Better contrast , no hotspotting and richer colors. Plan on painting the rest of the screen this weekend. Total cost of screen for me was $30

Can't beat that!!
zapper's Avatar zapper 04:54 PM 04-15-2004

Your total cost for the screen was $30, WOW that's nice. How did you constructed the screen, such as material, fabric and size of the screen?

garyfritz's Avatar garyfritz 11:03 PM 04-15-2004
Pardon the newbie question, but are these "silver" paint screens intended only for the bright digital projectors? I'm planning on a CRT and I keep hearing a plain ole flat-white screen is best for those.

NATHANG27's Avatar NATHANG27 08:01 AM 04-16-2004

Originally posted by zapper

Your total cost for the screen was $30, WOW that's nice. How did you constructed the screen, such as material, fabric and size of the screen?


White hardboard (not sure if thats what is called) comes in 4' X 8' sheets at home depot 8.00
Silverscreen paint at home depot 9.00
velcro to stick to wall from home depot 13.00

finished painting last night and have no complaints, have to apply one more coat with roller.

Like a said $30 fro a screen that looks great. Can't beat that!
mandarax's Avatar mandarax 08:01 PM 04-16-2004
Mississippi Man here,

The short, straight scoop.

Whilst toiling away in Canuck land, preparing for the official Light Fusion debut at the '04 Canuck PJ & Scr4een Shootout", I have been thinkin' uf ya'll.
Today I whipped up a 4' x 8' "Silverscreen" piece of 1/4" Hardboard. It will get "sizing up" honors right along with the Vutec Silverstar, the Stewart GreyHawk, the DaLite HC, the Stewart Silverhawk, the Carada HC, and of course, Light Fusion.

All of the above attempt to enhance contrast, with some actually purporting to do so along with increasing gain. Tomorrow will see claims separated from truths. The Silverscreen paint looks good on the board, so I expect it will get better than a passing grade. Pretty nifty if it does 'cuz $9-$11.00 of paint on a wall that does a great job always makes me tingle. That's where my original roots lie anywho.

The lighter shade of grey, and yet the lack of luster bodes well for the SilverScreen. There should not be the degree of attenuation of luminosity that other darker HC hues result in. And the screen I sprayed is as featureless and as smooth as it can possible be. (....considering I painted it outside, propped against a wall, with Canadian leaves and twigs blowing about!)

Anyway Troops, I hope my efforts does the Paint proud, and once again, credit goes to Bcortez for bringing it to my attention just in time to throw a wet blanket on some Heavy Hitters in the Screen Mfg genre.

But if it aces out Light Fusion, I'm never talkin' ta ya'll agin.

Stay tuned. Might post tomorrow night late, but more probably late Sunday after my return home.

PS....See how I commandered Mandarax's PC? Pretty nervy, eh?
CMRA's Avatar CMRA 08:37 PM 04-16-2004

Originally posted by mandarax
Mississippi Man here,

The short, straight scoop.

Whilst toiling away in Canuck land

Stay tuned. Might post tomorrow night late, but more probably late Sunday after my return home.

PS....See how I commandered Mandarax's PC? Pretty nervy, eh?

Nervy? Naw. Drinking all of Mandarax's that's nervy!

Hey Bruce, you still think MM and CMRA are one and the same? How do explain this?
bruce can's Avatar bruce can 08:43 PM 04-16-2004
Hey cmra i was teasing !!!! after you were making some silly off handed comments about me , but now who knows maybe you, mississippi, and mandarax are one and the same .


ps good luck mississippi
Shedrock's Avatar Shedrock 02:56 AM 04-17-2004

Originally posted by bruce can
Hey cmra i was teasing !!!! after you were making some silly off handed comments about me , but know who knows maybe you, mississippi, and mandarax are one and the same .


ps good luck mississippi

I have seen CMRA in person and I can verify that he has two arms, two legs, and walks upright.

dokworm's Avatar dokworm 07:13 AM 04-17-2004
Can't wait for the shootout.
Wish all this 'Behr' paint was available in Oz.

To answer the 'CRT' question, a silver screen usually = hotspotting, but if you curve your scrren (in a toroidal fashion) you can get rifd of the hotspot and colour shift
Bryan withaY's Avatar Bryan withaY 05:10 PM 04-17-2004
Well, I saw the Silverscreen at the Canuck Shootout and though it did not trump the Light Fusion, it was very, very impressive. I would certainly put it in the top half of the screens that were there ... in my eyes anyways. I have to say the Light Fusion was the best, I'd put the Screen Goo Light Digital Grey up there as well with the Silverscreen coming in behind.

Honestly, it was that good. Thank you Bcortez for taking the time and finding this gem. And thank you Mississippi Man for putting in your extra effort having it ready at the Shootout.

Wow ... $30!!!
garyfritz's Avatar garyfritz 05:42 PM 04-17-2004
Dokworm, I assume that was my CRT question you were answering?

CRTs are more prone to hotspotting with a silver screen than digitals?? I'm confused. The digitals are brighter. I thought the concern would lie more with the silver screen being greyer than a flat-white screen, and so not bright enough for a CRT.

So please explain in little teensy words: is a Behr Silverscreen coat on gatorboard (or whatever) a good screen for CRT? Why or why not? Would a flat-white screen be better?

Jasebrook's Avatar Jasebrook 08:33 PM 04-17-2004
Thanks Bcortez !

I tried that BEHR Silverscreen (770E-2) paint on my wall.

Great Picture <- Compared to the blackout cloth screen I was using.

Much better contrast and color depth (blacks).
Dalton's Avatar Dalton 08:40 PM 04-17-2004
I was about to order screen goo but i read this thread and ended up picking up some kilz primer and a quart of the Behr Silverscreen. I just got a BenQ PB6200 so i am looking forward to the results! I'll try to post some screenshots oce the sreen is done.

Noel's Avatar Noel 10:47 PM 04-17-2004
I might try this tomorrow, but I need your help...If I buy a 4 X 8 piece of hardboard, what are the dimensions for a 16 X 9 screen so that I can have it cut at HD? Also, what is the name of the hardboard, what is it called? Your help is appreciated....
Jim McC's Avatar Jim McC 10:55 PM 04-17-2004
The 16:9 screen size would be 48"X85". It is simply called hardboard, and can be found in aisle with plywood, at Home Depot, anyway. It comes in 1/4" and 1/8" thicknesses.
Omzig's Avatar Omzig 12:53 AM 04-18-2004

What did you use for the base to mix the Silverscreen color into? I'm assuming some sort of flat white base, but your particular base information would be appreciated.


rick@simul8d's Avatar rick@simul8d 03:24 AM 04-18-2004
Well...I took my Benq white 4x8 hardboard...and split it up into 4 subscreens...put some SilverScreen, some Behr Metallic Silver (no. 743 silver, 31oz. plastic jars @ $20 a pop) and left 2 squares the unpainted....and at first...I was NOT impressed with the Metallic and was somewhat pleased with the added contrast the SilvScrn gave me....UNTIL....

I noticed that my viewing angle was about 15-20 off I stood up with my projector (unmounted as of yet while painting room)...and BAM!

HOLY COW I could not believe the brightness of the Metallic Silver "decorative finish" there was a LIGHT behind the damn screen....need to get a better roller (used 3/8", but it was foam).

Any one care to tell this computer freak untrained in the real world apparently how to "wet sand" this stuff?

-= Rick
Jcam9's Avatar Jcam9 08:50 AM 04-18-2004

Great Picture <- Compared to the blackout cloth screen I was using.

Jasebrook, I am building a BO cloth screen and noticed you really liked the silverscreen over this? Any negatives? Is it all around better? I may have to paint the cloth now before trimming it out. Thanks!
garyfritz's Avatar garyfritz 09:26 AM 04-18-2004
Rick, aren't you concerned about hotspotting with that kind of reflective screen?

I've been wondering: Why do you guys use rollers (assuming you can't spray for whatever reason) to paint your screens? Wouldn't you get a smoother coat with one of those "pad" painters?
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