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rlloyd's Avatar rlloyd 02:02 PM 08-17-2004
I've read thousands of posts on all this DIY stuff and now I'm really confused.
I have a Hitachi SX-5500 LCOS projector. 600:1, 1500 lumens. Currently I'm projecting a 90" image onto a parkland screen painted with Glidden Universal Gray (that was the paint of choise a few years ago).

I've been thinking of upgrading and was reading all the posts on MM, LF etc. I was going to try just the silver on my parkland with a couple thin costs of MM but now I'm not sure.

I do not have a 100% light controlled room so I'd like to limit the ambient light a little better.

I don't have a lot of time to spend on experimenting - at least that's what my wife tells me... so any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help,

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