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Mark_Likes_Games's Avatar Mark_Likes_Games 02:37 PM 10-07-2013
Isn't the Sintra a "ready to hang and shoot" solution? I'm hoping it is!

I've been using the Do-able board with my Mits HD1000U for several years now with (almost) no regrets... Due to my room configuration, I had to hang mine suspended from the ceiling in front of my cabinet/shelves with my components.

I tried to stiffen the board by gluing on some aluminum right angle "L" channels in a pattern on the back with liquid nails. (The top aluminum channel is where I drilled into and hang it from.) This didn't completely make it flat...

I often remove and stow the screen to reveal/use an LCD TV behind it. My two issues are 1) it's pretty heavy/awkward and 2) even with the stiffening channels it warps sometimes depending on temperature and/or humidity.

Since I've been thinking about a 1080p projector (BenQ W1070) it appears that if I want to keep my same PJ ceiling mount and screen placement, that the W1070 will shoot a bigger image than the Do-able screen can handle. Sooo... I started thinking about a new screen...

Enter Sintra. I've not seen it in person, but it sounds like it would be much lighter than the board I've got now. I wouldn't mind painting it I guess, but it sure would be nice if it had a white surface like the Do-able. I just really like the image I get out of this board... Never seen the Sintra in person... maybe I can find a scap of it somewhere to compare?

I made this work for my situation, and it's been great... If you're thinking of trying this - I highly recommend it.

wootpiggy's Avatar wootpiggy 03:27 PM 04-09-2014

I just want to say thank you to everyone that participated in this thread and all of the helpful suggestions I got from it. 


I went with a 16:9 aspect ratio on mine after finding an absolutely perfect piece of do-able at home depot. I also bought a 1/4" thick piece of plywood.  The other items I purchased were 8ft of black velvet from hancock fabrics, two tubes of 8x strength loctite, a can of spray adhesive , two pieces of 2 1/2" mdf to make the french cleat, one piece of 1 1/2" to use as a spacer , and finally 4 pieces of 3 1/2" mdf to make the frame.


Shopping List:
1x piece 4x8' do-able board (SKU # 174278) ($23.15)
1x piece 15/32 x 4 x 8 (SKU # 915378) ($17.95)
1x 11/16"x1.5"x8' (SKU # 226619) ($3.66 ea)
2x 11/16"x2.5"x8' (SKU # 226510) ($5.32 ea)
4x 11/16"x3.5"x8' (SKU # 242738) ($7.46 ea) You could also do 2x 8' and 1x 10' which would save you about $5. The 10' is $9.57 (SKU # 242741)
2x Loctite Premium Adhesive (SKU # 908537) ($7.85 ea)
1x 3M Spray Adhesive (SKU # 364533) ($9.99)
8' black velvet from hancock fabricks ($23)


Total = $133.93 + tax


1. To start, I used one tube of the loctite to fasten the plywood to the back of the do-able to increase stability and give a deeper surface to fasten the french cleat to.

2. I then cut a 1/8" dato into each of the pieces of trim. At the ends I took half of the thickness off the back of the top and bottom and half off the front of the sides. 


3. I used the can of spray adhesive to spray the velvet and the trim and wrapped the velvet about 1" around the back. Using a razor blade I then cut the velvet inside the dado to allow the do-able board to trap it into the recess.
4. At the corners, I used some more of the loctite adhesive to hold the frame together and then folded the velvet over. 
I used more loctite adhesive and 1" screws to fasten the french cleat and spacer onto the back of the screen.

5. I stapled the velvet into place on the back and then ran black duct tape over it to keep it from fraying.

(puggle included for proportions)




It ended up being a little more time consuming than I expected with ~16 hours from start to completion over a two day span. 


I'm using a BenQ W1070 that I purchased for $677. So all in all I have about $825 into the entire system and I can't believe how great it is working out. I switched from a 52" LCD so it's pretty much 4x the size. I have two windows in the room that it is set up in but I have a piece of foam board that I cut out and put between the blinds and the window on the larger of the two. This keeps the ambient light from being overwhelming.

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