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HanktheTankND's Avatar HanktheTankND 10:46 PM 07-17-2006
I'm setting up a HT in my 10-man's common room (in my dorm) and would like to have the ability to bring the screen back home. Has anyone made a frame/screen design that can breakdown and if so how did you make it? I was thinking of using velcro on BO cloth. I like the idea of a DIY because of the customizeability of the paint mix but need to make sure I'll be able to use it more then just this year at school. Thanks!
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RTROSE's Avatar RTROSE 04:28 PM 07-20-2006

I think that you could probably build a easy to assemble/transport frame out of PVC pipe. This would be fairly light/easily set up and taken down and the pieces stored in a big duffle or ball bat bag or the center of a big tube that you use to roll up the screen. I read your other post about a 106" screen and using PVC elbows and "t's" you should be able to come up with something usable.

Since it is indoors you would not have to worry too much about stability or bracing for weather.

If you wanted to be very simplistic you could place a few grommets around the edges of the BOC and (if the school or dorm will let you) hooks on the wall to match up with the grommets.

I have considered using the PVC myself when I'm at at point to do an outdoor setup, but have not gotten any practical experience doing one this is just my .02. Hope this helps.


bud16415's Avatar bud16415 05:58 AM 07-21-2006
I have thought about PVC also as a frame and haven’t tried it yet as a knock down screen for outdoor use, that could also work fine indoors.

PVC elbows for the 4 corners and 4 tees two top and tow bottom for a 16:9 screen. that will strengthen the long side of the screen and make parts shorter to fit in your car. To attach the screen how about this idea. at the fabric store they sell grommets that come in 2 pieces and you place them on each side of the material and with a special punch tool (comes with them) you smack it with a hammer and they attach. Just like the eyelets in a tarp. I have had best luck with these when I doubled over thin material. With BOC you may or may not have to double. Place these eyelets/ grommets about every foot around your fabric and then use bungee cords from top to bottom side to side to hold tension, or lace it up with some cords.

Tools required scissors, hacksaw, and hammer

Whatever you build we want pictures at this point….. :D
HanktheTankND's Avatar HanktheTankND 10:55 PM 08-01-2006
Whoops, I gave up on this thread because no one answered for a while. Guess you just have to have some patience :p Anyhow, since I only will need to break it down at the end of the school year I'm just using a fairly normal wood frame with L-brackets and using velcro (actually this is the only thing I haven't bought yet so any alternatives that aren't as expensive are welcome) all around the frame and BOC. I will be sure to take some pictures as I get it all together, should be in the next few days. Speaking of the velcro alternatives you suggested, do you think attaching grommets to the cloth and putting hooks on the back of the screen frame might be a better alternative? Thanks for you suggestions and sorry Ididn't get to fully consider them before buying stuff.
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