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Old 01-11-2007, 04:25 PM - Thread Starter
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Being a newbie to this forum, I would like to build a database of info with 2-5 screen shots from each person that has gone the DIY route for a screen. It would be useful for us new folks to dig through and find a configuration that closely matches what we want to do.

Also, any time somebody asks you what kind of set up you have, you could always link them over to this registry to your specific post without having to go through all the details again.


Here is a useful template (take space out before ending brackets on bold text)

[SIZE=3 ]
[b ]Room Condition: [/b ]
[b ]Light Control: [/b ]
[b ]Projector: [/b ]
[b ]Projector Mount: [/b ]
[b ]Screen Make: [/b ]
[b ]Screen Material: [/b ]
[b ]Screen Size: [/b ]
[b ]Height off Floor: [/b ]
[b ]Approx DIY cost: [/b ]
[b ]Alterations: [/b ]
[b ]Recipe if applic: [/b ]
[/SIZE ]
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Old 01-11-2007, 04:26 PM - Thread Starter
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Here is my contribution to get this kicked off:

Room Condition: white walls, cathedral ceiling, wide viewing area
Light Control: little to none, tons of ambient light
Projector: Evo, 800x480, 300:1 contrast, 1000 lumens
Projector Mount: Ceiling, pointing about 5 deg downward, 7-8 ft in air
Screen Make: DIY fixed
Screen Material: White Parkland Polywall, black felt wooden border
Screen Size: 96" diagonal (15:9)
Height off Floor: Roughly 4 feet
Approx DIY cost: 1x3 wood, paint, poly, parkland, brackets, felt, glue = $65
Alterations: 2 coats gray paint, 2 coats polyurethane
Recipe if applic: Behr quart #1050, lb 0 4 0, yo 0 1 0, Behr quart poly

At night, low lights

At night, w/room lights on high

During day, worst conditions possible

Fifth Element, no lights
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Old 01-11-2007, 05:28 PM
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Teamspeed there is actually a proposed project similar to this that a few are planning on working on if you are interested... this has been proposed many times but it has never taken root so it was kind of decided for those interested to get together offline and put something together and then present it here as a completed work and open it up for discussions.

There are and were many good ideas presented in here over the years and for whatever reason they just died. But if a few people want to collaborate on some topics they could become some well needed 'sticky's' in here and be a value to everyone.

"Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler." - Albert Einstein
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Old 01-11-2007, 08:04 PM
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I think it's a great idea and I was one of the people hoping to catalog some of the same stuff a while back as wbassett mentioned.

I think its time to give the idea a try again so here is my data. I would also encourage others to take a few minutes and add to the list. The first step being to gather the information and then someone condense it and post it as a collective list in a sticky thread would be great. There is a lot of great information that is repeatedly given out and a lot of great informative threads that slide into the archives. I have received a lot of PM's from new members that are actually scared off by the vast amount of information to wade thru.

Here is my info.

Room Condition: Room is 12x16 with 6'4ceiling height, basement in a circa 1870 walls are tan and ceiling white soon to be black 8'back from screen, wall behind screen flat black
Light Control: 100% light control (6) 60 watt ceiling cans on 3 dimmer circuits, viewing ranges between zero light for movies to moderate ambient for family viewing or sports.
Projector: Sharp XR10X projector 2000 lumens 2000:1 CR XGA
Projector Mount: Ceiling mounted DIY mount 14'6 throw zero keystone adjustment
Screen Make: DIY canvas painted screen 120 no masking self tensioning design more details in signature links below.
Screen Material: Canvas painted neutral gray
Screen Size: 4:3 72x96 constant width setup 16:9 54x96
Height off Floor: 2 inches
Approx DIY cost: $120
Alterations: painted and top coat see threads below in signature
Recipe if applic: white base with 22/48 oz lampblack as pigment, same paint blended with poly as top coat

thumbnails click for larger images


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Old 01-11-2007, 10:43 PM
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Room Condition: Light blue walls, very dark blue screen wall, white ceiling.

Light Control: Floor length blackout drapes, dark blue carpet

Projector: Sony VPH1270Q CRT

Projector Mount: Floor

Screen Make: DIY

Screen Material: BO cloth

Screen Size: 85" diagonal 4:3

Height off Floor: ~14"

Approx DIY cost: ~$50

Alterations: painted

Recipe if applic: ever-changing but usually about 1.3 gain white, currently UPW base - UPW/poly/pearl top.
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Old 01-12-2007, 05:24 AM
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Hope nobody minds a noobe with a partial set-up at this point.... will update as I get more things done.... right now I'm nursing a lumbar problem from pushing my 61" RPTV around

Room Condition: White walls and ceiling, Rose carpet, 12' Slider to the left, 8' ceiling, 22' Seating Distance
Light Control: not much... Opaque Vertical Blinds on the slider for now
Projector: Mits HD1000u, 1500 un-cal'd Lumens
Projector Mount: Ceiling mount planned, currently testing on the floor!
Screen Make: DIY. Currently on white wall with small Knockdown texture.
Screen Material: Will be laminate shopping after the back gets better Will buy Designer White and Fashion Grey for a Flippie
Screen Size: Planning on about 108" diag 16:9
Height off Floor: Should be 24-30"
Approx DIY cost: $0.00
Alterations: N/A
Recipe if applic: N/A

Jim White
St. Petersburg, FL
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Old 01-12-2007, 07:55 AM
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Room Condition: Wall color is "Brown Paper Bag". The room is my main living room. There is a Westinghouse 32W6 in the Armoir to the left of the screen for television watching. The screen is used for Xbox 360 and movies.
Light Control: Three 5ft windows on the adjacent wall to the right of the screen with curtains and blinds. Two lamps in the room (one immediately to the right of the screen in the corner, and one in the rear of the room). Overhead ceiling fan lights in the dining room to the left of the screen. All light can be controlled.
Projector: InFocus 4805
Projector Mount: 14ft from screen, 8 ft up. Connected via homemade mount with 6in tube.
Screen Make: DIY
Screen Material: Do-able
Screen Size: 100"
Height off Floor: 22" off ground
Approx DIY cost: Do-able= $14 Frame=$20 Felt=$15 Rope Lighting behind screen=$10 Total=$59
Alterations: Rope Lighting behind frame
Recipe if applic: N/A

Camera used for screenshots was a Kodak Easyshare 3.1MP

All lights on:
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Old 01-12-2007, 12:52 PM
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Location: Been all over. Currently living in upperstate NY in the Capital District area.
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Room Condition: White tile ceiling, off white walls, hardwood floors with gloss clear coating. Wall color is going to change soon to either a slate gray or Inheritance (a dark gold tone color)- My wife wants the room blue though...
Room size is 15x15 with 10' ceilings.

Light Control: There is a huge bay window to the left of the screen, and a high window right next to the screen to the right. Very little light control during the day, at night no ambient light problems.

Projector: Sharp PG-C30XU 1024x768 XGA projector running in wide screen mode

Projector Mount: Unknown name. I purchased it off eBay for $30 shipping included. It is a metal universal mount.

Screen Make: DIY

Screen Material: Several
Current screen is a 52x92 SW Gray Screen in matte finish.
Previous screens (in no order)
54x94 Wilsonart Designer White
52x92 Behr UPW
52x92 Kilz2
52x92 Semi-Gloss White
52x92 Behr SilverScreen flat finish
52x92 Behr SilverScreen eggshell finish

Upcoming test screens:
Rosco Off Broadway White White vinyl paint in a matte finish
Fashion Gray
Dove Gray
Gray Photo Backdrop Paper
GTI N7 and N8
Resin/Clear Coatings (various)

Screen Size: See above

Height off Floor: 48"

Approx DIY cost: Current screen0 $63 including the border
Designer White - $82
Behr UPW- $12
Kilz2- $13
Semi-gloss White- leftover from painting the house
Behr SilverScreen flat finish- $13
Behr SilverScreen eggshell finish- $13

Border cost- Poplar frame approximately $13
Black Suede fabric- $7 for three yards.
Misc hardware- $5

Alterations: None so far

Recipe if applic: OTS and single substrates

"Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler." - Albert Einstein
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Old 01-13-2007, 07:25 AM
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Room Condition: Purple Venetian Plaster walls, Armstrong Woodhaven Ceiling Planks - Cherry
Light Control: complete yet lights are always on at least 50%
Projector: Mitsubishi HC3000 4000:1 contrast 1000 lumens
Projector Mount: eBay $20 generic mount
Screen Make: DIY fixed
Screen Material: Wilsonart Fashion Grey with 2 coats Behr Clear Matte Poly - Velveteen trimmed border
Screen Size: 100" diagonal (16:9)
Height off Floor: not sure - I'll get back to this one
Approx DIY cost: ~$200 - FG $95 - Wood frame, rope lights ~$100 - this was cabinet grade wood that I used.
Alterations: 2 coats Behr Clear Matte Poly
Recipe if applic: none

A quick shot of normal viewing ambient light

The screen

Space Shuttle

NASA guy


normal lighting


DiscoveryHD Yellowstone normal lighting

zoomed in a bit

off axis

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Old 01-14-2007, 04:17 PM
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Room Condition: white walls viewing conditions, anywhere in the room, of axis viewing the same as on axis.
Light Control: just window blinds.
Projector: panny ae900u
Projector Mount: shelf
Screen Make: fixed
Screen Material: some fabric, light gray or silver finish from Joannes fabrics, velvet trim.
Screen Size: 98" viewable, 106" diagnal
Height off Floor: 4'
Approx DIY cost: including tools, $150
Alterations: none

Ambient light , with white posterboard on screen for comparison

all lights on

lights off

off axis viewing

upconverted sd dvd
superbit fifth element

finiding nemo
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Old 01-18-2007, 06:49 PM
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Room Condition: 24' x 12' x 7.5', dark blue walls and ceiling, biege carpet, remote lighting, DIY seating.
Light Control: 100%, no windows.
Projector: Benq PB6100 svga in 16:9 mode=800 x 450 resolution. 1500 Lumans, 2000:1 Contrast (Manufacturer Specs)Upgrade in the fall.
Projector Mount: DIY ceiling , 16'2" throw
Screen Make: Fixed
Screen Material: 3/4" MDF , RS-MaxxMudd (slightly modified to be a bit darker )
Screen Size: 100", 16:9
Height off Floor: 22"
Approx DIY cost: Around $80
Alterations: On my fourth DIY screen
Recipe if applic:


Nemo DVD


BHD Bluray

Nemo DVD

Screen Lights On

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Old 02-02-2007, 07:15 PM
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Room Condition: White walls, 9 foot ceiling, wide viewing area, white ceiling, beige/white carpet, 18'16 x 10'6
Light Control: Very little, White opaque 2 Wood Faux blinds covering 2 (52x46) large windows
Projector: InFocus 4805 (Low Power Mode)
Projector Mount: Sofa table behind sectional couch, 14' throw
Screen Make: DIY Fixed
Screen Material: Black Flame SuperLite [05/12/1006 DIY mix] on ½ MDF. 3x1 poplar border wrapped with Fidellio Black Velvet.
Screen Size: 94 diag (16:9)
Height off Floor: 3 Feet
Approx DIY cost: $70 Paint, $15 MDF, $30 Poplar 1x3, $30 velvet, $5 MDF French cleat, $5 Misc Hardware = $155 (excluding rollers, sand paper, etc)
Alterations: None
Recipe if applic:

BLACK FLAME DIY MIX (05/12/2006)

(base components)
20 oz. Delta Ceramcoat Pearl #02601
20 oz. Delta Ceramcoat Silver Metallic #02603
10 oz. Behr Interior UPW Flat #1050 (or Exterior #4050)
5 oz. Delta Pale Metallic Gold #02624

(viscosity components)
24 oz. Minwax Polycrylic - Satin Finish
10 oz. Distilled / Tap Water

(color components)
60 ml (2 oz) Distilled / Tap Water
50 ml Delta Ceramcoat Silver Metallic #02603
50 ml Delta Pale Metallic Gold #02624
30 ml Delta Cardinal Red #02077
17.5 ml Windsor & Newtwon "Galleria" - Pthalo Green (PG7)
15 ml Delta Ultra Blue #02038



*** use 2 oz. of the 'color components' and add/mix it to the 'base & viscosity components'


Applied 5 coats of white gloss base coat (1:.5:.5 UPW Gloss:MinWax Poly:Water) then 5 coats of BlackFlame DIY Mix to ½ MDF substrate.

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Old 03-13-2007, 09:55 AM
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I haven't checked out this section in a bit.. but I'm game. I'll upload photos shortly.

Room Condition: Room is in a basement with daylight windows. On the wall to the right of the screen I have a dark red on the bottom half of the wall below the windows, a light "popcorn" color on the top half. Screen sits on an 8' tall "popcorn" colored wall. Left wall is same as front wall. Light brown(ish) flecked carpet on the floor. Ceiling is currently open to rafters, will have a drop ceiling shortly.
Light Control: All lights are behind the project. I use room darkening shades to cut out the light from the daylight windows. I'm thinking of adding some fabric of some sort to the edge of the window to cover up the slight light leakage. Only bothersome during the mid-afternoon hours... but doesn't land on screen.
Projector: Panasonic AE-900U. I don't recall the details...
Projector Mount: Ceiling mounted, approx. 14' back from screen
Screen Make: WilsonArt Designer White Laminate. Affixed with mirror clips. Boarder done with MDF baseboard wrapped in double black velvet from JoAnn's.
Screen Material: See above
Screen Size: 16:9, 122" diag.
Height off Floor: Screen sits approx. 3' off of the floor. Just high enough to clear the small entertainment center I built for under the screen.
Approx DIY cost: Hmm... ~$110 for the laminate. ~$20 for the frame. ~$40 for the velvet (I think)
Alterations: Designer White laminate as is... no paint, no poly
Recipe if applic: Buy it, hang it, enjoy it
[/SIZE ]
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Old 03-13-2007, 11:16 AM
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Room Condition: Wall colors are Sherwin Williams Cobble Brown, ceiling is white, and floor is beige carpet.
Light Control: Very good light control. Back wall has 3 windows with pleated blinds with black out material backing with curtains over the blinds. Screen wall has a 4 foot opening that goes from the floor to the ceiling (10 foot) with no door. This has a chocolate brown floor to ceiling curtain. Not completely dark during daylight, but you can't read a book in my theater room either.>
Projector: Mitsubishi HC3000U
Projector Mount: Monkey man diy ceiling mount. 17 Inches from the ceiling to the center of the lens. I used two small bubble levels to level the projector once it was mounted. I projected an image on the wall and then mounted the screen.
Screen Make: DIY stretched black out cloth on wooden frame
Screen Material: black out cloth stretched over wooden frame
Screen Size: 102 inches 16:9
Height off Floor: Screen is approximately 32 inches off the floor
Approx DIY cost: I spent a little under $100 on the screen
Alterations: I rolled on a super super light and modified Silver Fire mix
Recipe if applic: I used the Silver Fire mix however I changed it a lot mostly due to inability to find as much delta paints locally. I used half of the quantity of base components but used a full quart of Behr UPW. To that I added the normal amount of viscosity components and then half the amount of color components. I also rolled two coats of Kilz onto the BOC first.

Here are a few screen shots that aren't the best. I don't have a great camera, but will get better pics in the future. The DVD player is an Oppo 971 and the projector is in low lamp mode with Brilliant Color off and iris off as well. Only brightness and contrast calibration performed using the GetGray DVD.

Nemo at School

Nemo Bruce

Non Superbit 5th Element

Non Superbit 5th Element

Here are some pics of my room.
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