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Ok, kind of a "re-noob" with hi-rez (including multi-channel) audio so please bear with me a bit if you can.

First of all, my end goal would be to put all of my hi-rez music on a jump drive and either plug it into my Denon 4311 AVR or soon-to-be-arriving Sony BDP 580 and simply access the files from either of those devices.

The problem: it seems at least the Denon 4311 will NOT do multi-channel playback and I''m guessing a $200 BD player won't either.

But- even more importantly- it never occurred to me, but it's pretty much impossible to get SACD's ripped anyway, correct?

So where (if you can at all) can you purchase these SACD release files/flacs for playback via an HDD/server?

I know there's a couple of websites around where you can buy/d-load some lesser known (read: less popular) tracks, but I'm confused as as to where one can secure the songs and LP's of more popular titles that have made it to SACD/DVD A in a file form that can be played back from a HDD?

I like itunes but obviously it is not an HD music resource.

Am I missing something obvious, or am I still pretty much limited to SACDs for multi-channel HI REZ?

And even for stereo playback, do I need to involve something like Sonos for the playback of HI REZ 96/192 24 bit files?

thanks and sorry for any confusion...any links to helpful sites on the matter would be appreciated as well.

EDIT: it appears my 4311 will at least do 96/24's via the usb but I have to say I'm a bit surprised that a $2100 AVR won't do 192.


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HD Tracks, Linn Records are a couple of places. Google is your friend. At home I have bookmarked a site which lists about 10-15 different download stores for high rez or at least lossless. (16/44) All are going to be flac and stereo. Although I hear that some may start offering multichannel.

For me stereo is fine, my rig is only 2.0. I've also found a few out of print sacds that are now flac downloads at way cheaper than the bidding wars for used SACDs that are OOP. Alot of the Japan SACDs (SHM for example) are available as much cheaper flac downloads, (Stones etc.), as well as some OOP DVD Audio titles (Steely Dan).

My denon (3311ci) is also limited to 24/96 playback from USB. My Oppo doesn't suffer from this limitation but I still just purchase in 24/96. Some debate whether anything greater than 16/44 is required. I found a free program for a mac that will burn DVD-audio from flac so I then burn to that if only as another method of backup.

Given the choice, for me and my 2.0 rig, (both headphone rig and external speaker) flac high rez purchase is my preference over disc SACD or DVD-A. I can store, backup, burn another backup to DVD-A, convert to apple lossless for ipod playback, and then even burn a 16/44 cd for the car if I want. Tough to do that with a SACD.
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The only way to get low cost, high quality, multi-channel audio playback is by purchasing a streamer with hdmi output. There are several that are good. The Dune Smart series, popcorn hour and netgear neotv500 are popular work well. There are services that will convert any SACD/DVD-Audio/Blu-ray/CD/DVD to digital files that can be streamed by the above equipment. The streamers are connected to your AVR or pre/pro by hdmi and will pass on the full resolution and all channels.

You can download hi-res files in multichannel from many sources now but your best bet is still to purchase the discs and either convert them yourself or have them converted. PM me for conversion info.
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