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Livesound2's Avatar Livesound2 07:13 PM 07-11-2012
Newbie to site - question is has anyone experienced frequent dropouts (200 ms or less) while listening to DVD-A material using HDMI connection in Muitichannel mode on King Crimson's Discipline 40th anniversary edition disc?
Oppo DV 970 player
Integra DHC - 80.2
Bryston power
full compliment of 5.2 speaker system

Appears to be only disc that does it but the HDMI - Integra switching functions when video resolutions change cause same type of hiccup while watching cable TV has me concerned about my Integra. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.

Also just purchased SACD of Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here and discovered track information on this disc shows up only as "Track 1", "Track 2" etc. Is this normal or is my OPPO not reading the SACD properly? Sound quality in multichannel over HDMI is Outstanding!

PooperScooper's Avatar PooperScooper 04:18 AM 07-12-2012
You may want to check the Oppo 970 thread in the DVD player forum here. It was a very popular player and if there was an issue with the player it would be in the thread. I'd also make sure that you have the latest firmware - you could check with Oppo support, the best in the business. And, one thing to try is to make sure your output resolution setting is 1080i or 1080p, whatever the highest the 970 supports and then try playing the disc. HDMI audio is carried in between video frames and for hi res audio you need to make sure the video rate is high enough to carry the data at the proper rate. The player should do this automatically but the 970 was their first implementation of this and there may have been issues in early player firmware. Then again, there's always the random issues between any one HDMI source and HDMI target. One last thing smile.gif , it can't hurt to check in the Integra 80.2 thread in the Amp, Receivers, and Prepros forum here, too.

Livesound2's Avatar Livesound2 08:56 PM 07-12-2012
thanks so much for the input. I will go to those threads as well as recontact oppo for any firmware upgrades.

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