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Evolvo's Avatar Evolvo 12:22 AM 03-23-2008
I've had my Cadence X sub for four years know and it has always been hooked up through high level input, because I thought that High level meant better, boy was I wrong. I have a cheap onkyo sub using a coaxial cable and today I was looking for a subwoofer cable and somehow came across the fact that it was possible to use my sub out and hook up to my cadence xsub. I thought since it had red and white that I couldn't hook up a subwoofer cord to my subwoofer. I know this sounds crazy to you guys who know this, but I didn't. After doing research I found that the speaker wired connection to my sub was using my AVR's power instead of its own.

I decided hey lets try it and see if it makes a difference, I took the subwoofer cord from my onkyo and hooked it up to one of the rca inputs. OMG, OMG, OMG, This made a world of difference, listening to this sub know makes my house rattle and music sounds like im in the club. I cannot believe for four years I never knew the true power of this sub. I was so excited by the sound and bass, I almost literally shed a tear realizing that for years I had neglected myself of a true surround sound experience, and that parties I had thrown could have shooken people to the floors. I searched the internet before I decided to change the connection and no info was truely conclusive as to which was best although most said use rca. Before the low level hookup, I was using two subs to get a good sound, know I only need one and it sounds like 3 subs. This setup is only using a coaxial cable going into one rca input. I don't know what to expect when I get a real subwoofer cable, and a y adapter, I may cry in joy at the beautiful sound. This is for those out there who wonder which is the better hookup. Low level is unbeatable, and I don't know why some people refute this by saying that sometimes they can't get bass during music, to them I say something is wrong with your system.

TKNice's Avatar TKNice 11:49 AM 05-17-2008
Good info, I wondered how that worked. Makes sense now.
Matt1966's Avatar Matt1966 04:43 PM 05-18-2008

Glad you found out.

Only using the high level input you deprived yourself of the ".1" in 5.1.

You should probably re-listen to every movie you have in the past five years. Especially the ones with DTS, like War of the Worlds.
Matt1966's Avatar Matt1966 06:03 PM 05-18-2008
Oh, and before I find myself writing a public apology I wasn't making fun of you. This place seems to be a little on edge lately.

I'm glad you experimented and found a better way to set up your system.
Alex at SVS's Avatar Alex at SVS 10:08 PM 05-18-2008
It's always great when you find those little tweaks that are so simple yet make your system 100x better.

To any other geeks interested (hopefully it's not just me that is fascinated by this) believe the reasons for that are
- as Matt said, the LFE doesn't get put through to the main speakers unless you specifically set your subwoofer to "off" in the menus and your main speakers to "large" in the receiver
- Generally receivers have better crossover circuity than subs
- Signal is much more vulnerable to interference in high level speaker cables which can be a problem if you have any runs of unshielded speaker cable parallel with power cables
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