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Originally Posted by ah_1014 View Post
Here are some pictures from the boxes being on my backdoor steps to being implemented into my system.
Man - two - I'd love to hear how that sounds. My room is small - so I think 1 should do it - but man maybe....
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Originally Posted by tvuong View Post
^^ nice. Tell us about them. What avr or preamp do you use?
My avr is in my sig, but it is a Yamaha RX-A2010. I had given a brief impression on the subs when I first got them setup.

Since then I ran YPAO, not much of difference since I use manual equalization anyway, but I use it for the distance measurements.

I've got these dialed in pretty good. I'm running a pretty flat frequency from 20-80hz +/- 2db. I don't use rew I've thought about it, maybe one day. I just use test tones and a spl meter.
My room sucks with it comes to midbass, 70 hz and above, but these subs actually gave me more output in the 70 region compared to my Velodyne's. But I had to implement the Velodyne's to help out with the output with 80 and above. I'm down about a 1db from 80 and then about 6db from 90 and above. I have an opening to the right leading to stair case. I may get that sealed and place a door there, not sure yet.

Now regarding the sound of the Rythmik I love how clean and effortless they sound. As folks have quoted before me they just disappear until needed and they slam very hard. Today I was demoing Transformers: Return of the fallen. In the opening scene where Sideswipe cuts that Audi in half I felt air from the ports hit me in my face it was literally refreshing lol. I think I had my master volume at -20 or it was -15 can't remember lol.

I may one day add another two but it probably won't be for about a year or so but one day I will. I just love how hard they slam and it still so clean compared to my Velodyne's they seem to lose steam with 50hz and below at about -20 on my AVR with music, but I was able to push these bad boys to -10 and they were still banging out.

Thanks to this thread and the valuable information I gathered before making this purchase, I'm very happy I did. It wasn't cheap and never thought I'd spend this much on subwoofers, but I guess that is a part of the upgrade process. I came from HTIB, to Sony speakers and subs, then Velodynes, now I have these 15" monster's in my basement. I love it!!!

Television: Panasonic TC-P65VT60
Receiver: Yamaha RX-A2010
Speakers: Energy RC-70's, RC-LCR, RC-10 (4), Rythmik FV15HP (2) and Velodyne VDR-12 (3),
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Sorry if this has been discussed in this lengthy thread, but did someone say Brian has fans plans for a ported sub between the price point of the LV12R and the FV15HP? Thanks in advance guys.
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Yes, that is the FVX15 but we don't know when it becomes available.
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Originally Posted by JT78681 View Post
For those of you who have receivers with Audyssey, specifically XT32, do you set your gain on your sub(s) to acheive 75db or 80db prior to running through the calibration process? Also, do you bump your center channel up any after calibration? If so, by how much?
I don't run the F15s hot at all, I just set them to 75db and use Dynamic EQ, which is flat at reference level but boosts the surrounds and subs below that point. After Audyssey the subwoofer trim winds up at -1.5db nearly every time.
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