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Originally Posted by GrandPixel View Post
Thanks madhuski for sharing your experience! Post the rythmik graphs if you get a chance!

thanks. The SMS tracing of the FV15-hp in my room was posted in the middle somewhere:

Official Rythmik Audio Subwoofer thread
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Originally Posted by DonH50 View Post
The difference in power is 0.38 dB. You'll never hear it. The 550's extra capacitance means it may provide a bit more power during longer transients. Again a potential plus but running the numbers I would not think it significant in the real world. Saving $100 is significant to me especially since there is essentially no downside and a potential upside. I would buy the 550.
I agree, it's probably my best bet.

My only concerns are resale value if I ever sell. Does the lesser amp deter others. And warranty support...if it failed, could it be replaced with a 600, assuming the 550s are no longer available
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Originally Posted by madhuski View Post
here are the SMS pics of the rythmik. no surprise that ~ 80db looks similar to the SubM. Plus a pic of the new dog, who should outweigh the rythmik by a good 100lbs in a year or two

edit: 1st pic is with the PEQ disabled. 2nd pic is with PEQ on with a boost @ 50 Hz
funny how the Rythmik needs almost no correction
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4x E15HP & 2x FM8

Hello fellow Rythmik enthusiasts! I've been away for several years moving around the country and for the first time since 2009, the HT has been restored but in a smaller space than before.

I started out with a single Epik Conquest then switched over to Hsu 4x ULS-15 with 4x MBM-12 for low frequency duties. I always wanted to try Rythmik servo subs, but didn't have the opportunity back then. Fast forward to 2015, I'm happy to be enthralled with Rythmik bliss!

I reached out to Brian around New Year's holiday and was so fortunate that he returned my missed call within minutes! It was a long shot, but just goes to show how committed Brian is to his customers. I'll save the whole story, and get to the fun part - the response graphs!

So, as noted, this graph shows how sub placement dramatically improved my sub response at the main listening position. Integrating the E15's and brand new FM8's (option'd with 50hz/24 HPF) were a pleasure to tweak and tune. Brian checked in with me from time to time to see how everything was going. He provided stellar support and technical assistance that felt very personal - you know the man loves what he does because it shows!

I was able to obtain these initial results with REW and a UMIK-1. I have an older pre-pro, Integra DTC-9.8 with Audyssey pro installer's kit for room correction. Before running Audyssey, I did my best to time align and level all the subs. In addition, I also perform post-audyssey tweaks on the individual subs to fine tune the final response. Here's a graph that shows a bit of the process:

Having luxurious flexibility on the amps through PEQ, XO options, LPF options, extension options, rumble filter, the list goes on... All functions perform superbly and have made it very satisfying in finding the subs' potential in my room. I especially appreciate the stepped dials/knobs - they are very precise, which instills confidence when making adjustments. The consistency is remarkable.

How does it sound? Even before all the measurements, the first test with the Rythmik subs was all I needed to hear. The sound quality is immediately apparent. As others have reported before me, Rythmik subs start and stop on a dime. The control is like no other and the effect it has on presentation and reproduction of sound is in a class of its own. I listen to music as well as having plenty of reference scenes to demo system performance. The Rythmiks are happy to play everything I have and do so with ease. The output is tremendous. Brian wasn't kidding when he said the FM8's are capable of very high SPL when set to high pass mode. Coming from 4x MBM-12's as my mid-bass mental reference, I even mentioned to Brian that I had dreams of having 6x FM8's. He nonchalantly suggested we should just start out with only two FM8's. I think he was right. However, I could see myself getting another pair because they are really one of the coolest subs ever. They really dig deep too on their own. Don't underestimate these, they are really special. I measured the other extension modes and they like the rest of the Rythmik line, are very flat. What distinguishes the F8/M8 - is their performance all the way out to 300hz. It's crazy how extended they are - makes me want to build some stands to see if it helps get rid of the floor bounce that shows up in the measurements.

I think I'll wrap it up there for now. It's nice to be back on AVS and see that everyone is still having fun. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer if I can!
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