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Originally Posted by DooberKnob View Post
Which amp would I need, and how would I hook up a sub to a pair of XLR studio monitors?

This is my source.
You can probably use both the RCA and XLR outputs at the same time with the RCA's going to your power amp and the XLR's to your subs. However, if you set a crossover point for your main speakers in the pre/pro it is likely that crossover point will be applied to both pairs of outputs.

Unless you can set separate crossover points for the RCA and XLR outputs you would have to send a full range signal to both the power amp and the subs, otherwise there wouldn't be anything for the subs to play.

You would need to check with Emotiva to be sure.

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Originally Posted by DooberKnob View Post
Thanks. They have a few different amp options with the F12G offering different conectivity. Two of which use XLR and I was hoping one of them would work since it's common among studio subwoofers to send the subwoofer singal through L/R rather than having a dedicated subwoofer signal.

Also sorry for the large images but it's all I could find.
Hi DooberKnob,

I believe your pre/pro is the Emotiva DAC XDA-2 Gen 2 unit? If so, there is no bass management within the device and an external box solution is recommended so that below the crossover frequency, you can send the bass to the Rythmik F12G subs.

MiniDSP offers an external bass management solution via the balanced 2x4 that will take the full range output signals from the XDA-2 and via an electronic crossover split the bass frequencies from the rest. You can then send these bass frequencies to the Rythmik subs and those frequencies above the crossover to the external amp driving your speakers.

You would need to roll up the sleeves and do some work to implement the external box solution from MiniDSP. Also get familiar with how bass works in your room and preferably measure it so that you get a nice smooth response. REW is your friend here.

Is XLR input on the Rythmik subs needed? I.e. you've got long cable run from your XDA-2 to the where the subs are located at? Or there is an issue with noise/hum in your main electrical circuit? Else the standard RCA input is what most people would use with the PEQ3 plate amp. Ask Brian or Enrico on the differences between XLR2/3 plate amp options to see which one is suitable for your room and application. There is a lot of flexibility offered on the Rythmik subs, so choose wisely.

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FV15HP user here. I have two quick questions:

1) how much clearance do the woofer and the ports need? My sub is currently located about 6 inches behind my entertainment center. Is this okay?

2) any ideas on how to raise the subwoofer about a foot? I plan to raise my entertainment center about a foot and would like to raise my sub as well.

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Originally Posted by woody777 View Post
2) any ideas on how to raise the subwoofer about a foot? I plan to raise my entertainment center about a foot and would like to raise my sub as well.
A cheap and effective way is cinder blocks wrapped in velvet
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