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Originally Posted by Jesse S View Post

I went to the Scotiabank Theater in Toronto today to see the Dark Knight Rises in IMAX.
Firstly, it bordered on being too loud. The opening sequence had moments that shook the floor and your pants. That I liked quite a bit.
What I didn't like was the overly loud mid-range and top end. Gunfire was too aggressive, and shouting dialog was grating,
It can be difficult to tell what frequencies the IMAX subs are capable of because the 35-60hz and often 60-150hz stuff is SO strong. Punches and kicks that you feel are often centered around 50hz, not 20hz. The nuclear explosion at the end was probably a broad mix of 20-80hz but it wasn't even as strong as say when the "bat" flies across the screen, which again sounds like tons of 40-60hz, and literally flaps your pant legs and vibrates your chair.
Overall I enjoyed what the IMAX system was capable of, although it was often too loud, even for someone like me, who likes peaks >120db. I just like more of the SPL to come from the deep stuff than the ear-piercing 1-4khz stuff.
Even so, my system can match this IMAX system in the 30-200hz range and even best it in the 10-30hz range (quad avalanche 18 IB, dual JBL 4648 supplementing mains).

Originally Posted by craig john View Post

I saw DKR at our local IMAX and I had the same issues as you. Worse though was that the dialogue was often unintelligible. I have been to this theater multiple times and always *loved* the sound. In fact I've commented several times that it's the only theater I've been in with sound as good as my HT, (although my HT will dig lower.)
I usually get to the theater early so I can get the best "sweet spot" seat. This time I got to the theater a little later than I usually do and the theater was almost sold out already. I had to take a seat that was well off-axis. I blamed the bad sound on my seating position. Maybe that wasn't it after all. rolleyes.gif We'll have to see how it sounds when it comes out on BluRay.

Originally Posted by ninja12 View Post

My son and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises this evening, and yes, I agree with both of you that the sound was loud. That was the first thing that my son told me as the movie was getting started. Also, the bass was too hot. It was a little distorted; but, the one thing that caught my attention was the rattling that I kept hearing when the bass hit. They need to check the ceiling and tighten up whatever is loose. The rattling kept catching my attention more than full body shaking bass.

I feel the same as you guys . I wonder if it’s the movie itself.

My brother, who’s not into A/V, went to go see this movie with his wife at a regular, non-IMAX, theater. Later I asked him how he enjoyed the movie and his response was “It was loud but it was good”. That’s unlike him to make a comment on the audio unless it bothered him.

A week or so later, the wife and I went to go see it at the local IMAX. We got their early to get the good seats but it was the late showing and the theater was empty anyways (only 25 movies goers or so). I’ve been to a few IMAXs and the local one here has a TON of Bass compared to some of the other IMAX’s I’ve been too. We’ve only seen a few movies there as I much rather watch movies at home but the wife really wanted to go see the Dark Knight Rises at the theater. The first thing I noticed as well was that the bass was hitting harder than it does at home and I enjoyed that but that enjoyment was somewhat short lived. I too started to notice something was rattling in the theater during certain frequencies and the bass was not only a bit over powering but it lingered a bit which made it difficult to understand what was being said on screen at times. I read online that Bane’s mask made him much harder to understand and that’s probably true but I noticed some other characters dialog was a little difficult to make out at times too. I also found the overall audio (bass included) too loud at times. The other thing I noticed is while the bass at IMAX was more powerful than it is at my home, it did not dig as deep but more importantly, for me, the bass seemed to lack definition - most Hz sounded more similar to me than different, maybe too hot or too boomy for lack of a better term. I still did enjoy the movie though.

After the movie I asked my wife how she liked it and her response was “The movie was great, it had some nice bass that shook everything but the sound might have been too loud. Even with it being that loud, there was some scenes I could not understand what they said and there were a few times where some sounds almost hurt my ears. I prefer our system at home more.”
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