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studioboss's Avatar studioboss 11:05 AM 02-01-2010
Hi everyone,

First of all, for a newbie to this forum, just want to thank everyone for their advice. You guys are great...

I'm setting up a HT, pretty much decided on an Orb system due to WAF. System is 5.1 "Peoples Choice":

BUT... I have heard mixed things on their subs. System comes matched with Orb's own 8", 200 watt sub:

Their sub is $300...

Question: What can I get to replace it in the $300-$400 price range that will be matched well with the speakers (I know nothing about crossover or anything like that) and will be better quality (and maybe even more powerful)? Or should I just stick with Orb's standard sub?

I've looked at Definitive, Infinity, Polk, Yamaha, JBL. And I'm lost... Any help is greatly appreciated.

uni_panther's Avatar uni_panther 11:18 AM 02-01-2010
Admittedly I am not familiar with orb but in that price range I would get Elemental Designs A2-300 if it were me. Some of the more experienced people will come along and help you further.
rick240's Avatar rick240 11:39 AM 02-01-2010
The general consensus around here is that in that price range the best sub is the eD A2-300; it will be worth the $50 increase over the Orb sub for sure.

With respect to your 5.0, there are other WAF approved options in your price range, such as:

- Kef 2005 (except I couldn't find one without its sub)

- DefTech, 5 x ProMonitor 800 (if budget allows consider ProMonitor 1000 for fronts)

- NHT, Absolute Zero x 5

- Klipsch, not sure what their small systems are (others will pipe in)
rnatalli's Avatar rnatalli 12:18 PM 02-01-2010
HSU and eD are your best bets. Both have subs at $350 that are better than the Orb sub.
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