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PoppaC's Avatar PoppaC 07:01 AM 10-30-2010
Just saw this on Amazon. Anyone seen any reviews on this sub?
Similar specs to the F12.

Berrythief's Avatar Berrythief 03:49 PM 11-30-2010

Any reviews on how these compare to the F12? Specs are pretty similar...
PoppaC's Avatar PoppaC 04:06 PM 11-30-2010

Since I never got a response on this, I waited until I found the F12 available for under 200.00, and bought it.

The F12 is a very solid performer at the 200.00 price point, so I would keep a look out for the F12 when it comes back in stock for around 2 bills.
Berrythief's Avatar Berrythief 04:12 PM 11-30-2010
It's pretty slim pickings on this side of the border (in Canada). I can choose between the F12 going for $280 shipped or the RtR-EV1200 going for $250.
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