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Originally Posted by Ray77085 View Post
Thanks for your comments. I'm on it , as I may swing by a Rat shack and pick up a ground loop isolator to see if that will take care of the issue. I'd rather take on a plumbing problem over an electrical any day. LOL....
I agree with you on that. Every time I read about someone tackling a hum in the system it's usually a ground loop and it goes one of two ways. They either solve it within 15 minutes or they end up ripping apart their entire system item by item trying to isolate the hum. So I really hope you find it fast and eliminate it so you don't have to go through all that frustration. Good luck, hope the isolator works for you.
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I have also had some experience with a Hum. I have 4 Ultimax 15s conencted to a CV-5000. Believe me when i say in this case, wiring can definitely play a part in fixing it. Plus a ground loop isolator as well.

When i first hooked it all up, there was a really loud hum. To the point where it was almost louder than the voices. I couldn't take it at all and was worried as this was my first DIY project. At this point, i had cheap monoprice RCAs connected to the Amps. I had previously purchased some Master Series RCA cables at a really cheap price but never used them. So i decided to switch them out to see what would happen. Well, the new wires reduced the noise by 80%, if not more. I was actually shocked. The more expensive wires for once actually made a difference.

Although it took care of the majority of noise, there was still some noticeable Hum left. So i got a Ground Loop Isolator and that took care of the rest. Now, it is virtually silent. I say virtually because if you but your ear to the sub and put the volume high (with no content playing obviously) you can still hear a faint hum. But once you stand even 1 foot away, it is silent.

So my point is, wiring can also play a part in the Hum. But the Isolator should do the trick.
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How sad, re: How to Train Your Dragon 2. Was looking forward to this. My son can watch Nemo and HTTYD 1 as often as he desires because of the great bass.
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Originally Posted by mogrub View Post
So I finally picked up EOT yesterday and plan to spin it tonight. But last night I had 5 spare minutes right before bed, so I ran upstairs and dropped it in real quick to hear that opening bass sweep everyones been taking about. It lived up to expectations. Pure bass heaven on dual SVS cylinders. I was actually surprised how clean it was. On the first pass I had the volume tamped down down to make sure I didn't blow anything, so I started cranking it up higher and higher. Fantastic.

After a few sweeps, I'm sitting there giggling like a kid, and my wife suddenly appears in the room, hands on her hips, and asks what the frack I'm doing. Feeling like I just got caught with my hand in the cookie jar, I say, "Um, I was listening to bass sweeps from that new movie I told you about." Long pause. Play it for me, she says, and sits down. Surprised at this, I happily oblige, and let it rip at near reference.

After the room quits shaking, she looks at me and says, "That was awesome." I'd expected her to yawn, or say guys are such dorks, or whatever, but nothing like this. So I say, "You're kidding me, right? You're just messing with me." But she says, "No, I love bass like that. It was AWESOME." I nearly fell out of my chair.

True freaking story. Wife is a bass head. She'll probably "make me" play EOT tonight. Unbelievable.
Wow, if she wasn't already your wife I'd be saying you need to marry that woman right away! lol
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