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jubei951's Avatar jubei951 12:29 PM 10-07-2011
Hi Guys, posted in the Swans speaker owner's thread but no luck so I figured I'd try my luck here.

Bought the sub in the title and could have sworn there was light on the front badge but when I took the sub up to my room later the night I didn't see any lights.

Wondering if something's broke or I had imagined all along?

Anyone who owns or has seen this sub please let me know! Thanks, going crazy.

kesando's Avatar kesando 08:19 PM 10-07-2011
Your best bet for an answer would be to contact Swans directly
bolo600's Avatar bolo600 05:14 AM 10-08-2011
How is the sub? Can you make a photo?
jubei951's Avatar jubei951 12:36 AM 10-11-2011
The sub sounds good in my small room. Looks nice too. Only wish the cover was removable but it has a cover that wraps around and can't be removed to see the driver.

It also does not have an LFE in.

The badge I'm talking about can be seen at the bottom of the front, I could have sworn it was lit. I also felt along the bottom of the sub near the badge and feel a cable or something that runs down to the back.

Sorry about crappy cell phone pictures.
bolo600's Avatar bolo600 09:13 AM 10-11-2011
I dont think it is lit. It is just a badge glued to the sub like all the other Swans products.

You can take out the amp and have a look inside.

Please tell me is it worth paying 230 USD for this sub before i get the money for a PB13.
jubei951's Avatar jubei951 10:46 AM 10-11-2011
I'll try taking off the amp to look when I have a chance.

Regarding sound, I'm not that informed about sub woofers and have had limited experience. I have this sub with my Monitor Audio RS6 and the MA already has really tight and fast bass. My last sub was a Polk PSW12, which was pretty bad after countless hours of setup and relocation. It just sounded superficial and didn't blend well regardless of how I changed the crossover settings.

The Swans sub is tight and has plenty of power, I keep it at 1/3 power and the receiver's Audessy settings still tune the level down.

The bass sounds controlled, tight and fast. From my experience the good subs and location do not rattle but provide deep bass that seems to penetrate your body. At higher listening levels this sub does just that while at lower levels it doesn't "thud" out but still gives me good bass and punch. Granted the MA speakers provide really good bass for me already. I haven't had a chance to listen to any soundtracks with super low frequencies so can't really comment on that.

I did watch Transformers 3 and the soundtrack was a great way to test and show off the sub; which did a remarkable job. Even at the lower frequencies and scenes with lots of sound effects the sub blended in very well with my speakers. I also watched a few familiar movies to compare and I can say the sub is awesome.

I also compared it with my cousin's Polk Audio DSWmicroPRO 1000 on my same exact setup and can say that with limited comparisons I couldn't tell the difference in most scenarios but under some cases preferred the sound of my larger sub as the bass seemed deeper.

I'm no pro so please take my comments with a grain of salt and as my opinion only.

Regarding price, I paid a lot less than you have quoted so maybe the value of the sub seems much greater to me.
bolo600's Avatar bolo600 11:37 AM 10-11-2011
Thanks for reply.

I think i will pass on this sub.
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