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Originally Posted by jhughy2010 View Post
I have a bunch of questions... I ordered two V1500's (includes the miniDSP and Umik-1). I have a Pioneer VSX-1124 (which has sub EQ). My 5 speakers/surrounds include NHT Classic Two's and an NHT TwoC center. My entertainment center/TV stand has a 60" LCD. I have a pretty large room. It is about 18x30x9 (4860cf). The front two speakers are atop of 2 foot speakers stands. The rear speakers are ceiling mounted.

My wife has approved three locations for the subs (included in the picture). Surprisingly, the XV15, which I previously owned, sounded best when placed right to the left of the TV stand in between the stand and the left front speaker (Pos 1). I had also placed it in Pos 2 and Pos 3 (near field?) and it sounded ok but strangely not as good as Pos 1. So I'm thinking of placing them in Pos 1 and Pos 2. I would love to place it in a corner but unfortunately the corner is the fireplace (to the left of the couch).

Any suggestions on placement other than these positions? These three positions are probably the most aesthetically pleasing.

More questions: Do I need to reset all the settings as far as sub EQ, before connecting the miniDSP? When I connect the miniDSP (prior to REW), do I need to run the sub EQ with the AVR on each individual sub?

Since I am limited on placement is it worth the time to do the "sub crawl" thing that I hear eveyone talking about here?

I'm really kind of clueless how to set up both of these subs... I just need to know what the first couple of steps are prior to connecting the miniDSP/Umik-1. I obviously will take full advantage of those tools but what do I do first?


Pos 1 + either Pos2 or Pos3 should work well. I would try both.

You do not need to reset the AVR, but you will need to re-run MCACC...after connecting the MiniDSP (with the MiniDSP "zeroed out" - all gains set to 0, crossovers set to bypass, and no EQ).

Does your AVR EQ dual subs individually or as one?

The sub crawl thing is always worth it, although it's a bit more complicated with dual subs. Here is my standard dual setup procedure, although it assumes Audyssey and no DSP, the basics are the same. It will probably at least tell you if Pos2 or Pos3 is better for the second sub:


Set the gain on both subs to the same level - around 12:00-2:00 on the gain knob is a good starting point (just a starting point, gain structure can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another). Set phase to "0" on both subs for now.

1. Connect sub #1 only and place it at the MLP
2. Do the sub crawl to determine the best position for sub #1
3. Place sub #1 in that position
4. Connect both subs and place sub #2 at the MLP (with sub #1 playing as well)
5. Do the sub crawl to determine the best position for sub #2
6. Place sub #2 in that position
7. Playing the AVRs test tone, adjust phase on one of the subs until you get the maximum SPL at the MLP (could be variable or a simple 0/180 switch) (if you have SubEQ HT, skip this step)
8. Run Audyssey, first mic position only, and "calculate"
9. Look to see where Audyssey has set your sub trim, you want it to be around -6db to -8db ideally
10. Adjust the gain on both subs by the same amount up or down as needed
11. Repeat 8-10 until you get the sub trim around -6db to -8db
12. Run the full Audyssey calibration
13. Set all speakers to "small"
14. Set all crossovers to 80hz (or, if set higher than 80hz by Audyssey, leave them alone)
15. Bump up the sub trim by 3db to 6db to your preference
16. Enjoy!

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Originally Posted by Mike Butny View Post
Do you have all 5 in the same room or are you using them for different systems throughout the house? If you have all 5 in the same room I bet they sound insane
All in one room. This new one is going behind my seat for near field.
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