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Originally Posted by KeyurM View Post
Hi Tom,

Quick and dumb questions: what would happen if I run V3600i in sealed mode? Do you need to use some special kind of foam plugs to seal the port, or any garden variety foam is okay?

I had to move my sub to a terrible corner location and I am experimenting around to smooth out some distortions in lower octaves.
Plain and simple...No. Plugging port will not do anything but lower output. The amplifier still has it's dsp signal set to roll off at the same frequency. You could still potentially damage the drivers at extreme levels below the tuning point where the drivers unload.

smooth out distortion in lower octaves?
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Originally Posted by Carrick View Post
I realize there is a following of loyal fans, and I want to join the group and support American workers, but not blindly.

So is there any professional independent testing so I can compare apples to oranges? Otherwise the HSU is my 2nd choice. Thanks
I too was looked HSU when considering what to buy for my second sub after reading David Vaughan's excellent review in S&V of the new at that time VTF-15H MK2. Plus he had integrated it successfully with the exact sub I own. David was even kind enough to answer a few questions for me - he is a forum member if you didn't know.

The gold standard for independent sub testing is Data-Bass and you are not going to find any new sub offered by the ID or retail sub companies reviewed yet. Given the number of new offerings put out by PSA, RA, HSU, Rythmik it's hard if not impossible for Josh to keep up with a few from each let alone all of them. The other person that does reviews who isn't associated with a publication that accepts ad dollars from those whose products they review is Jim Wilson - another forum member - whose reviews are posted on a different forum. Jim has reviewed some newer offerings but he spends a month sometimes more with them, so he too can't keep up and still do a good job. He is scheduled to review the S1800, but it will be at least a few months before he finishes his analysis/review - hopefully?

Like others I agree there are a lot of great ID options in sub land right now. What attracted me to PSA was this thread (I read a number of different products threads from start to finish), the fact that it founders came from another well respected competitor - SVS - where they designed one of the more "famous" subs to-date - the Ultra. Read Josh's 10 myths regarding subs, the one regarding driver size helped me to zero in on an 18" sub, coupled with Tom's willingness to discuss the products/answer my questions. Icing on the cake was the trial period with free shipping both ways, if for some reason it didn't work for me a phone call and placing the sub at my front door was all I needed to do.

I don't think there are many "blind" loyalists on any of the sub threads ex one who focuses solely on approximate output comparisons of all these new subs as his criteria for what is good to great

Most of us did our homework, talked to the different companies and then spent our hard earned money on the one that each of us thought would be the best. No professional review required, in fact many of those I question since all of them accept advertising $ from those whose products get reviewed - as mentioned above. Plus when have you ever read a professional review that said this product is bad? Yes there are a few reviewers I respect who work for those publications, David and Kal being the two. However I would never eliminate a product from consideration due to the lack of one. User experience and my experience when I talk to the company whose products I am considering are FAR more important IMO. The trial period being the other, delivery times being met as promised, and free shipping icing on the product.

Sorry for the ramble, you hit a nerve, which isn't a bad thing, just wanted to give you some input to add to your analysis. Good luck and I'm sure you'll enjoy the HSU or whatever you end up buying. Just please reconsider the decision criteria regarding review required.

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Originally Posted by KeyurM View Post
Hi Tom,

Quick and dumb questions: what would happen if I run V3600i in sealed mode? Do you need to use some special kind of foam plugs to seal the port, or any garden variety foam is okay?

I had to move my sub to a terrible corner location and I am experimenting around to smooth out some distortions in lower octaves.
Don't do that. The results in terms of driver excursion would be hard to predict. If you want to attenuate the deeper bass turn the ROOM SIZE to small. Much better solution..

Tom V.
Power Sound Audio
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Originally Posted by roque13 View Post
So I have a question and please ignore my ignorance if this has been asked. I'm looking at replacing my HSU VTF-3 MK4 with possibly a V1500 or V1800. I'm looking at the site and the specs are relatively the same. What difference will I see for the $200 difference? My main use is movies, and want the most for my money. I've been happy with my HSU but I want something that's going to go lower at higher SPL. I'm also looking at the VTF-15 MK2 for reference. Thanks for any help and sorry if this is a repetitive question.

for this one I can give you a proper answer.

I used to own an HSU VTF-15H MK1 since 2013 and was really happy with it - nothing at all wrong with it other than I wanted "more".

Having said this, I did upgrade to 2x V1800 - which by itself is no valid comparison, but: I did start with one V1800 in direct comparison to the HSU and - of course - it did provide much more headroom, low level bass and overall more "volume".

Bringing the 2nd V1800 into the game only increased the change more dramatic, as expected.

I really like these two subs, their output and their build level and not to forget: their size!

Long story short: going from 1x HSU VFT-15H MK1 (HSU offers now the MK2 with 3db more output, I cannot comment on this!) to 1x V1800 is definitive being an upgrade.

For your comparison - I took a picture of the gang ;-)
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I am a newbie, my first post on this forum.
Looking to setup a home theater with projector soon. The room size will be 21x13x9.
After reading this forum I am thinking to buy dual 15S subs for my HT. The speakers will be Ascend Sierra-2 book shelfs. Music is the primary focus. We also watch movies, but don’t need earth shattering bass. I would be very happy if I get a musical/tight/quality bass in this room. So is there any reason I need to go for bigger S1800 or any other subs in my medium size room?

I also was searching for reviews on the quality of bass that 15s puts out. Finally found a review of XS15SE. That looked great. Does 15S also give the same or better performance being the same driver and better amp ? I am assuming enclosure of 15S play its part too.

I understand the recommendation of trying out subs first before we choose. I would like to avoid that for various reasons, Weight being the primary reason. Testing subs properly is difficult too. They have to be positioned in such a way that it gives you quality performance. We can’t do direct comparison with another sub at the same time. Since the differences are very less between all the ID companies I need to rely on some scientific test done by some experienced person. I am hoping there will be some reviews somewhere soon.

In the past, I owned a single HSU VTF-2 MK3 in L-shaped living room. It served me well for 6 years until its bash amp failed. For the last 1.5 years I did not have any subwoofers. This is another reason why I am choosing PSA, since they have 5 yr warranty on Amps and the new generation digital amps not likely to go bad. Is that right? If I spend 2K on subs I expect them to serve me for many years.

I am also surprised by Tom’s recommendation on a single sub. What I learned from many forums and Dr. Tools book is, two smaller subs properly positioned in a room will beat a single big sub for seat to seat consistency and somewhat flat response before we EQ it . so is there a reason to choose any other single PSA sub for my medium room over dual 15s.

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Originally Posted by Vazhipokkan View Post
The room size will be 21x13x9.
After reading this forum I am thinking to buy dual 15S subs for my HT.
My (sealed) room is 19.5' x 16.5' x 10' and I have two XS15se subs (its older brother) and I'm more than happy. Even one (corner loaded) will easily shake the picture frames mounted on the outside wall of the room. Now I'm not a "basshead" as I look for the bass to blend into the presentation. Currently I have both installed at the middle of the side walls and my first take is they are smoother with less output although I still have more headroom than I could use.

Regarding one or two. I was happy with only one. I purchased the second since they were going EOL and for cosmetics. Plus perceived (or actual) localization.

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Pulled the trigger on one of the S1800 preorders! I have been running without a sub in my 2.0 system for a few years and finally decided to buy after years of window shopping. My last sub that i sold years ago was a Definitive Technology prosub 800, with an 8" driver so I am hoping this thing will really perform well in my 1800 CuFt room. My usage is almost 100% HT but the room size pushed me to the sealed unit. I am hoping to have the unit by Saturday as I am located about 120 miles away from PSA in Ohio.
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