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siko8's Avatar siko8 01:40 PM 01-02-2012
Is it fine to place the sub in the center of the sound stage under the TV. Or place next to ether left or right speakers like i have it now . My sub is a m&k v125

pokekevin's Avatar pokekevin 01:49 PM 01-02-2012
See if the audioholics article helps you. Try the sub crawl too!
Fishpoke's Avatar Fishpoke 02:11 PM 01-02-2012
Just try out the different positions you have available and go with whatever sounds best to you. A corner placement or next to a wall will give you more output but can be a little (boomy) in some cases making it easier to localize. Center placement reduces output but in my experience it blends into the sound stage better. Try placing it behind you as well if you dont like what you hear with it up front.