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N3kKo's Avatar N3kKo 08:36 PM 07-28-2012

N3kKo's Avatar N3kKo 08:59 PM 07-28-2012
I think it's between the Energy ESW-M8, BIC VK-12, or the Klipsch KW-100.
N3kKo's Avatar N3kKo 09:17 PM 07-28-2012
Also I have JBL 4312 Fronts, 8' Polk Audio Cieling Speakers, and a Sony STR-DB830 receiver
N3kKo's Avatar N3kKo 07:54 AM 07-29-2012
BUMP.. want to order today.
N3kKo's Avatar N3kKo 08:02 AM 07-29-2012
looking @ the Jamo 650 on vanns for $300. And the HSU STF-2 as well.
skally's Avatar skally 08:14 AM 07-29-2012
How big of an area are you needing to fill? ( room size that is ). Is this primarly for HT or music ? Say 80% HT & 20% music or vs verse?
N3kKo's Avatar N3kKo 12:38 PM 07-29-2012
60% movies,40% music.

Here is the floor plan. http://i44.tinypic.com/eg7fxj.jpg
skally's Avatar skally 01:38 PM 07-29-2012
Even thou its a 10" sub the HSU STF-2 would be the better choice of all that have been mentioned above IMHO. Thank you for the layout... but do you have the sq. footage ?
skally's Avatar skally 01:43 PM 07-29-2012
I'll send you a PM
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