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08-09-2012 | Posts: 4
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Hi Guys,

I need help in bass managment for JBL ES250p subwoofer. I have the following speakers connected to Onkyo 609 receiver.

Center Speaker - JBL ES 25C - Frequency Response: 80Hz – 40kHz (–6dB) and Crossover Frequencies 3000Hz – 24dB/octave; 12000Hz – 18dB/octave
Fronts JBL ES 20 - Frequency Response: 60Hz – 40kHz (-3dB) and Crossover Frequencies: 3300Hz – 24dB/octave; 12000Hz – 18dB/octave
SurroundS - JBL ES 10 - Frequency Response: 65Hz – 40kHz (-3dB) and Crossover Frequencies: 3000Hz – 24dB/octave;9000Hz – 18dB/octave

On running "Audyssey eq" on onkyo receiver, the Fronts are set to 50Hz, Center to 40Hz and Surrounds to 50Hz. LFE is set to 120Hz.

I have set subwoofer level nob to 10 'O' Clock position and Phase switch is turned off. CrossOver nob is set to Maximum on Subwoofer at 150Hz. Please refer the attached image.

My room size is 20X10.

Is there any problem in my above configuration ? If not, What changes should I make in above configuration?

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02-21-2013 | Posts: 159
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Hey Sagar, I was just looking around at JBL threads and stumbled upon this one. Well you receiver's crossovers are set too low. May set up has speakers with similar Low Freq. abilities and mine are C:90, LR:80 Sourrounds:100 and LFE: 90. So your center should be set to 90 hz or above. you could try 80 and see if you like it. LR should be 80hz again you can try 60 and see if you like it. The surrounds should be 80hz and your LFE could be lower say 100 but 120 should be fine if the sub is in the front of the room. I like to set my X-overs as low as possible without creating any gaps just to make sure the sub blends with the other speakers. As for the phase if the front is opposite, pointing towards your front speakers it should be 180. if it is facing the same direction leave it at 0.
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