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08-11-2012 | Posts: 41
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A few days ago, I picked up a Klipsch KW-100 (http://www.klipsch.com/kw-100-subwoofer) display model from Costco for $120 since it had been discontinued from stock.

I bought it because I have a Polk PSW10 I got some years ago, and people were telling me it is not good, except for the interesting comments here (http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/subwoofers/195774-polk-audio-psw10-worth-2.html)

Both the KW-100 and PSW10 have low powered amps.

While looking for reviews on the KW-100 I found in the diyaudio.com forums reference to the Dayton Audio sub from Parts Express.

The current model budget Dayton which appears to have superior power ratings as well as user reviews is the Dayton Sub-1200 (http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?PartNumber=300-629)
which has an AVS forum review: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1414577/dayton-sub-1200-review

So looking at the user reviews for the Sub-1200 and its amplifier specs (looks like 120watt nominal (not peak), it would appear that the Dayton is superior to the KW-100 for the same price.

I can still return the KW-100 to Costco, so should I return it and get the Dayton?
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There's no telling which is "better". There are too many variables. The Dayton will probably play deeper and louder(?) but the Klipsch may be more musical. You have the Klispch, why don't you just listen and see if you like it? If not, return and try the Dayton.
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I owned a Polk PSW10 and it is not a very good sub at all. If you like the Klipsch, just keep it.

What is the size of the room you are putting this sub in?

The Dayton subs might be an update over the Klipsch, but if you like what you are hearing from the Klipsch, you should probably keep it.
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The living room is approx 13' x 20'

I neglected to say that after looking at the plate amplifiers on Parts Express, I supposed I could buy a good plate amplifier for less than $120 and put it in place of the stock amp in the Polk, if the plate dimensions are close.

However, the suspicion would be that the speaker in the Polk might not be able to handle a lot more power, would have to research that.

Yeah, I have to hook up the klipsch and listen. The problem is that there aren't any laboratory tested reviews of budget subs such that you could do a good comparison.
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