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Wolfetan44's Avatar Wolfetan44 08:08 AM 08-29-2012
Best sub for $100 and in a 11x12 room.

hakstone's Avatar hakstone 08:13 AM 08-29-2012
Wolfetan44's Avatar Wolfetan44 08:28 AM 08-29-2012
The Monoprice 12"(the recommended $100 one) is discontinued.
Wolfetan44's Avatar Wolfetan44 08:37 AM 08-29-2012
Ok so I am getting the Dayton Audio Sub-1200.
KidHorn's Avatar KidHorn 09:16 AM 08-29-2012
Archaea's Avatar Archaea 09:24 PM 08-29-2012
save your money a bit longer
$100 subs aren't worth a purchase IMO.
afrogt's Avatar afrogt 11:27 PM 08-29-2012
you posted the same question twice, I'm deleting mine from the other thread.

Best sub for $100 is probably a used one that cost a lot more when new. check your local craigslist.

for new subs perhaps this parts express 10" sub

and then take your pick after that....
Jamo sub 210 8"

Pioneer 8" sub

same sub $79 after $80 discount at

Yamaha 8" sub

Polk 10" sub (has low power)

Afro GT
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