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Lattman's Avatar Lattman 11:12 PM 09-16-2012

I barely used my polk audio subwoofer and now it sounds weird, i uploaded a video to youtube, can someone please tell me if it sounds blown and if it can be repaired..


Audiophile2k's Avatar Audiophile2k 11:16 PM 09-16-2012
Its hard to tell because it was close mic and some of what we're hearing in the video could be mic distortion. Does it always make that noise, or just when it is playing really loud? If it is always making the noise, your driver is blown.
Lattman's Avatar Lattman 11:28 PM 09-16-2012
Yes it always does that sound, would the "driver" be in the subwoofer or in my amp? Also can it be changed and how much is the cost roughly? Thx

Below is my sub:
Audiophile2k's Avatar Audiophile2k 12:08 AM 09-17-2012
The driver is the speaker, not the amp...although it is possible the amp also had damage. Usually that sound indicates the voice coil is shot. If you want my honest opinion it is not worth repair. For what it would cost you to get that repaired you could get a much better sub. If you have a budget in mind you could work with, I'm sure we can help you out. There are decent subs that would be much, much better than that one for $200 such as the energy 10.3 and the Bic F12.
ShaQBlogs's Avatar ShaQBlogs 12:23 AM 09-17-2012
suggest you open up the sub and have a peep inside at the driver and amplifier components to see if some visible damage is done. Amp section, check if something has burnt.
Lattman's Avatar Lattman 12:23 AM 09-17-2012
I have the Pioneer VSX-1026-K amplifier, i was considering the following:

Martin Logan Dynamo 10" Subwoofer (500) - $500 @ Future Shop ($500 seems expensive, $200/$300 range seems more in my budget but i dont want something like the polk that is gonna burst over nothing)

What do you think of wireless subs? I wanna put my sub near the back of my room and don't wanna run long wires..

The following brands are available @ FShop if it can help you make a recommendation smile.gif

Audiophile2k's Avatar Audiophile2k 12:39 AM 09-17-2012
What speakers do you have? The problem with your sub is that it has a tiny 50W amp and wasn't designed to play below 40hz. If it is pushed too hard, that amp is going to clip like crazy which in turn will damage the driver. I'm guessing you are going to pair this with small satellite speakers from a HTIB? The 10.3 is a true subwoofer and is a bargain at this price If you have a bigger budget and want to step up to something capable of more output I suggest this Klipsch model if you get it while it is still on sale for around $300 I would stay away from wireless models. You are only talking about a single sub cable, so it is not usually too hard to deal with. The ML sub you mentioned will give you less performance and cost more than the ones I've suggested. If you are looking for more options let us know more details about your room size, speakers you'll be pairing these with, whether your main usage is Movies or Music, and your preferred listening levels.
Lattman's Avatar Lattman 12:46 AM 09-17-2012
I have Polk RTi8 for front speakers and MartinLogan Motion 10 in the back..I would have gotten the klipsche RW-12d but i'm in Canada and doesn't ship to us, doesn't carry that model frown.gif

Thanks again for taking the time to clarify smile.gif
Audiophile2k's Avatar Audiophile2k 01:06 AM 09-17-2012
Sorry, I didn't realize you were in Canada. It doesn't seem like Future Shop is giving much of a discount off retail, so I'm sure you can do better on the prices elsewhere. Try starting a new thread if nobody picks up on this one asking for a good place to source discounted subs in the $200 - $300 range in Canada. I'm sure there are some members who know where to go for the best prices.

By the way, your sub was way lower quality than the rest of your system, so an upgrade was in order anyway! If nothing else, you could pic up a Bic PL200 from ebay...or if you push your budget a little you could get something from one of the ID companies.
Lattman's Avatar Lattman 08:27 AM 09-18-2012
How about Martin Logans, would you recommend those?
Audiophile2k's Avatar Audiophile2k 04:58 PM 09-18-2012
No...too expensive for what you are getting unless you found a great sale on one of their better models. Look at the specs, and make sure it is listed as +/- 3db (or at least some parameter is listed....without this any specs are meaningless.) You want something that is at least in the mid to low 20s on the low end. You can find the Bic F12 on ebay and shipping to Canada added will still leave you under $300...but there might be better options if you start a new thread asking what you can find for $300 in Canada I'm sure some of our Canadian members will jump on it and help you find the best deal for the money.
Lattman's Avatar Lattman 08:42 PM 11-21-2012
Audiophile2k's Avatar Audiophile2k 10:38 AM 11-22-2012
The F12 is still a MUCH better sub than that one. It all depends on expectations, but that Klipsch isn't going to give you much output or depth below 35hz. It probably won't be noticeably better than what you had before, and you might end up blowing it again if it is pushed too hard.
Lattman's Avatar Lattman 08:48 AM 11-23-2012
I'll follow your advice and get the F12, sure is amazing to be Canadian lol Amazon US is selling for $200 / Amazon Canads $325+$20 shipping mad.gif
Audiophile2k's Avatar Audiophile2k 10:08 AM 11-23-2012
It might be cheaper to buy it from Ebay and have it shipped to you. I doubt shipping is going to cost you over $100, but I could be wrong.
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