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Lattman's Avatar Lattman 08:30 AM 09-18-2012

My Pold Audio Sub's driver is cooked apparently and I'm looking for a Martin Logan, Klipsche or Energy replacement, usually I purchase my goods from Future Shop but they're pretty expensive..Any good sourche in Canada for these lines and any model recommendations?

Thx in advance,

eljaycanuck's Avatar eljaycanuck 08:35 AM 09-18-2012
What's your budget?

If you're looking for something from FS or BB, wait for the Klipsch SUB-12 to go on sale for ~$300. It's about the best deal you'll find (IMO) on a sub from these stores.

If you can spend more, get an SVS SB12-NSD from SonicBoomAudio.

And if you can drive to the border to pick up a sub, have one of the following shipped to a depot on the U.S. side of the border:
- SSA Rumba 12
- Outlaw LFM-1 Plus (or, when on sale, the LFM-1 EX)
- PSA XS15
Lattman's Avatar Lattman 07:46 AM 11-19-2012
How about the following BB special on the Klipsch 10" 225-Watt Powered Subwoofer (KW-100)?


Budget is max $300
Lattman's Avatar Lattman 08:40 PM 11-21-2012
Promo on klipsche ends today, any suggestions on the KW-100, seems to have good reviews
eljaycanuck's Avatar eljaycanuck 05:49 AM 11-22-2012
... any suggestions on the KW-100 ...
According to the product page:
- 55W continuous, 225W peak
- 10" driver
- 29-120Hz +/-3dB

My suggestion is: Avoid it. It might be worth paying $100, maybe $150, but not $300.
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