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JohnDean's Avatar JohnDean 09:41 PM 01-02-2013
This will be my first sub purchase so I'm sure I'll be pretty impressed regardless.

My room is 4600 ft^3 sealed and my hearing is not very good with near 0% in 1 ear. Consequently at times I run my receiver in all channels stereo to block out ambient noise(wife wink.gif ) that keeps me from focusing on dialog.

It will be 90% HT use and I had my heart set on the Rythmik FV15hp, however my goal is feeling the bass as much as hearing it. I read all these threads about room pressurization and tactile feeling. Those sound like better goals to me than hitting 120dbs though I'm sure they are somewhat related. At that price point I can include 2 PSA xv15s an xv30 or 2 Svs PB-12-nsd's for about the same price.

Here's my room setup in case that helps at all. The measurements aren't exact but the 4600 is very close.

I still love the Rythmik for obvious reasons but I don't think its the best choice.

Can I get some opinions on what will satisfy my situation/goal?


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