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jdavis37's Avatar jdavis37 07:56 PM 01-08-2013
New arena for me smile.gif The subwoofer on my Klipsh V2.400 system has 2 disintegrating woofer cones. Overall the SQ of the Klipsch has been fine for what I do on my PC (home stereo is in same room when I want true SQ).

First option is to rpelace the woofers in Klipsch and continue using what I have though it is at least 14 years old.

Option 2 is to buy a decent 2.1 system. Many options though I really want to keep purchase at or below $700 MAX, preferably less. Gets too high and I'll be replacing woofers!

Audioengine seems to have perhaps a simple clean setup so here goes:

Option2 - Audioengine A2 + s* Subwoofer

Pros - Seems you can connect sub such that frequencies above crossover won't go to A2's..... A2 size is smaller as I have limited room on desktop due to my rather large monitor.

Question, how does this combination sound in general with sub taking alarge load off the A2 for bass? Is S8 overpriced for what it is? If it will not pass through the lower frequencies to A2 then it may be best match for the A2s taking the lower bass off that small cone.

Option 3 - Audioengine A5+ (or other equivalent) + 3rd party SW

Pros - Won't cost any more than option 2

Cons - A5+ are getting "big"..... A5+ would receive full frequency spectrum, doubling the bass to some degree

Very curious how these options compare and any other similar ideas. I sit about 2 feet from the speakers, something that may hurt the A5+. I do want good sound but not seeking what my now very old Kef 104/2's deliver.

Of course fixing my Klipsch SW is the cheapest option but using used OEM woofers don't thrill me and I'm ready to get away from the 4.1 type of setup... assuming these options listed here will sound better! Thx in advance!

PS Ill be using a Soundblaster Fatality Recon 3D sound card to directly drive the speakers. No need for DACs or other inputs. Also not seeking room pounding bass ( I have a dedicated HT sub from Outlaw Audio in room for that via HT setup)

kesando's Avatar kesando 07:32 PM 01-09-2013
I own the A5s and an Emoiva Ultra 10 sub and it sounds great overall in my bedroom setup. The A5s put out strong bass down to around 55hz (I have the sub crossed around here) and fill a small to medium room with sound. Its true that the you cant control the crossover between the A5s and sub and this can in some cases limit overall volume of the system.

That said due to you seeking a nearfeild setup, I would suggest the A2s with a small quality sealed sub such as the SVS SB1000.
Shadowdane's Avatar Shadowdane 01:50 PM 01-10-2013
I just went with a Receiver, Bookshelf Speakers + Sub solution for my PC setup. Sounds fantastic and I'm very happy with the results.
This also added the benefit of being able to use Audyssey on my PC.

My PC Setup is:

Creative X-Fi Soundcard
Denon AVR-590 Receiver (Purchased used on Ebay $80)
Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 ($140 x 2)
Outlaw M8 Subwoofer ($249)
TornadoTJ's Avatar TornadoTJ 05:00 PM 01-10-2013
I use an old receiver too, but went REALLY cheap. Good enough for what I need in here.
Old Sony receiver (FREE)
Dayton Audio 652s $30 per pair (used to be $22!)
Monoprice 8" sub ($53)

Talk about cheap! And it's not too bad as long as you are not looking for audiophile quality. The Daytons sound really good, even not considering the price. The Monoprice sub is really a midbass module, but for computer stuff and background music it is just fine for me.

Search b652 review and see... you will be surprised.

There's a whole bunch of 652 mods out there if you feel like messing with them.

Here's another idea using those b652s:$70/
Shadowdane's Avatar Shadowdane 09:45 PM 01-10-2013
Yah I was eying the Dayton Bookshelf speakers but decided I wanted a little better quality speakers and I'm glad I did the Definitive ProMonitors are a nice set. Solid performance down to about 60Hz, i have them crossed over to the sub at 80Hz. And that Outlaw sub can really dig deep for an 8" sub, I have a small room so I get good extension down to 25Hz.

I do about 80% gaming / 20% music on my PC speakers so wanted something more inline with usual HT setup.
Stereodude's Avatar Stereodude 12:12 PM 01-11-2013
I'd definitely consider the Emotiva Airmotiv powered active speakers if I were you.
TornadoTJ's Avatar TornadoTJ 12:45 PM 01-14-2013
I almost bought one of those M8 subs a few years ago. I don't regret it, but I'm betting it's a far better sub than what I'm using - most likely not anywhere near the same ballpark.
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