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bradvanscoyk's Avatar bradvanscoyk 09:01 PM 02-12-2013
So i plan on hosting a small party and want to do some what of a DJ setup. I dont have any dj amplifiers. I have a vsx-42 receiver. So basically im not trying to go balls to the wall with my lower powered reciever. I have some 15" dj speakers but they lack low end bass (less than 45-50 hz). I want to add some passive subwoofers... what would be the best way of going about this? Keep in mind i do not have any external amplifiers... is there any way to hook up these subwoofers? Or what would be a better solution? any help would be appreciated

bradvanscoyk's Avatar bradvanscoyk 06:57 PM 02-14-2013
eljaycanuck's Avatar eljaycanuck 07:20 PM 02-14-2013
You don't want to use your AVR to power passive subs. IMO, you should consider renting the gear you need from a shop that does PA equipment rentals (example).
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