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Legendary70's Avatar Legendary70 09:35 AM 02-22-2013
I have an Onkyo ht-s5400. I just purchased two tsi400's, a cs10, and a psw10.

Now I was wondering can I install another psw10 if i wanted to? If so i am not sure if my onkyo has another rca connection for a second sub? If it does not how would I go about installing a second one? thx.

Second question is I was checking my setup in the onkyo menu and noticed that my sub is set to 150 mhz or was it klz...one of the two. Someone told me to set it to 120?

In the same menu someone told me to set the two tsi400's to small so the sub can do all the work. When I took them off large there was a part in the menu that said double bass was off...what does that mean? can i get better bass with them set to large and double bass on? thx.

flickhtguru's Avatar flickhtguru 09:45 AM 02-22-2013
Yes you can run 2 subs off of 1 sub output I used to do that you just need a RCA "Y" connector.

The setting you are referring to is in hz not khz or Mhz. It was probably the low pass filter of the LFE channel. You want it set to 120hz which should be the highest setting.

Yes you want your speakers set to small and if you can choose a crossover frequency start with 80hz. Double bass is only if you have large speakers which can play low bass and you want to send the bass to those speakers plus the sub hence double bass. Most ppl recommend not doing that anyway.
mailiang's Avatar mailiang 09:14 AM 02-23-2013

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cel4145's Avatar cel4145 09:31 AM 02-23-2013
Yes. As others have pointed out, you can. However, what do you hope to achieve with another PSW10? It's not a very good performer for HT usage. You might be better off to wait until you can upgrade to a better sub all together.
Legendary70's Avatar Legendary70 05:11 PM 02-23-2013
ok. i decided to stick with the psw10 and just bought another one last night. It sounds freaking awesome. But do i need to go into setup and change anything? I already changed the original one to 80hz and the other touch ups you and other forums suggested......do i need to just leave the new one hooked up and it will pick up on the setup or do i need to go into the menu and do something for the new sub.....or easy as plug it in? thx.
Legendary70's Avatar Legendary70 05:16 PM 02-23-2013
crossover at 80hz correcdt?
Legendary70's Avatar Legendary70 12:14 PM 02-24-2013
ok thx. Also the sub from my onkyo 5400 htib i put in the other room with my sony 8500 amp along with some floor speakers it sounds great......my question is this though...the old onkyo sub which is also a 120watt like the new onkyo but is also about 5-7 years old. I want to plug it in in that same room along with the new onkyo sub....in other words i want to subs in that room?

what do you all think? advice? thx.
Legendary70's Avatar Legendary70 10:51 AM 02-25-2013
Anyone. Thx
BeeMan458's Avatar BeeMan458 10:55 AM 02-25-2013
It's all about matching the subs capabilities and when one drops out and leaves just one sub picking up the slack, there's a corresponding drop in volume. The more diverse the subwoofer capabilities, the more difficult it will be, trying to integrate the bass reproduction system into the listening venue's acoustics.

I couldn't find any specs on the Onkyo, SKW-580 subwoofer so you'll have to go it further with somebody else.

Basically, FWIW, at the lower end of the price spectrum, in the case of stand alone subwoofers, my opinion, all one is doing is augmenting the mid-bass of their main/center channel speaker system as opposed to actually helping the lower frequencies; <30Hz. In this case, my opinion, one is better served upgrading their main/center/channel speaker system by stepping up and acquiring a better grade subwoofer. Personally, in polite terms, I don't have an affinity for these types of subwoofers as I personally think one is throwing their money away (wishing-and-a-hoping) and could get better bang for their buck stepping up to the next grade in subwoofers; the $200.00 to $350.00 range.

Legendary70's Avatar Legendary70 09:24 AM 02-26-2013
BeeMan458's Avatar BeeMan458 10:42 AM 02-26-2013
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