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Originally Posted by Alan P View Post

Oh, you can count me as a full-fledged member in that club! I'm currently running my crossover at 120hz (front subs), using LFE+Main with my fronts set to large (OMG, The Horror!), run my surrounds at -3db - I'm breaking all sorts of "rules"! tongue.gif Sounds pretty damn good to me. biggrin.gif

Disclaimer: these settings are only temporary, I'll undoubtedly be doing a lot more tweaking once I get my last (?) 2 subs and MiniDSP to complete (?) the system. wink.gif

I use LFE+main too. I know I'm getting extra bass at roughly 45-100Hz, but having two more bass sources seems to make an improvement.
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Originally Posted by Alan P View Post

I indeed do have REW.

I believe all of my issues come down to my inability to time delay. Once I have this ability, I believe all my issues will just go *poof*. biggrin.gif
I don't use delay. I could, but it sounds just fine without it.
I recently calibrated a system with a mostly open rear, and like a few cases I've seen before, found rear placed subs only made a mess of the situation and bringing all the subs back to the front wall gave very good results
+1. Many room mode issues are the result of the front and rear wall being too close together. If the rear wall is a full wavelength or more distant from the LP, or when it's rendered non-reflective, rear wall problems go away. Working in large rooms in pro-sound we tend to do exactly the opposite of HT, stacking all the subs in one spot at the front of the room. Problems arise when we spread them, unless the room is large enough that they can be spread by at least two wavelengths.
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So, 15 months later and I'm still messing around with my sub setup.

Anyways, I know this is a really old thread....but it's really, really good. I had forgotten most of the great info provided in here by the AVS Elite.

This weekend, I plan on trying some new sub positions (I have 4 PSA XS15s) since I finally got a laptop with HDMI to run REW the proper way. I've tried just about every combination of placement options possible in my room the past months (2 up front/2 in back, 1 up front/3 in back, all 4 in back spread out, all 4 in back/2 stacks of 2, etc.), but the one I have never tried is all four up front in 2 stacks of 2 (only way I'm gonna fit all 4 up front, but they can't go in corners - Klipschorn FL/R). As alluded to in Bill's last post, this may just be the way to go in my room!

My best response so far has been 2 up front/2 in back, all subs about 36" from their respective corners. This gave the best response and smoothest bass, but I was left wanting for just a bit more headroom - placing them all spread out along the back wall (with 2 in corners) cured that, but I don't think it sounds as good.

My question is for Bill: in your post above this one, when you say "If the rear wall is a full wavelength or more distant from the LP", at what frequency?

In my room, the rear wall is only more than a full wavelength above 57hz (20'). Does this mean I would benefit from all subs up front or not? Also, my room is completely open on one side to another 2500 cu. ft. (total of 4900),how would that affect this theory?

To you people who hate it when guys bump really old threads:

To all you multi-sub owners who haven't seen this thread: you're welcome!
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Corners loading can give you quite a bit more headroom. Sometimes the frequency response isn't as good as 1/3 3/4 placement, but room EQ can often fix that.

My room has the entry way in a back corner, so I ended up with corner placement in front and 1/4 3/4 placement in back, and that is working better for me than 1/4 3/4 placement in front and back.

Measuring is the only way to know for sure, but the room simulator in REW 5.01 can help you experiment with layouts that are worth trying and measuring.

In my enclosed rectangular room, the room sim turned out to be surprisingly accurate.
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