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csgamer's Avatar csgamer 10:45 PM 05-22-2013
My first actual subwoofer is going better than expected. I'm very pleased with the sound so far. My movie and music quality has both improved. I have set it up with 60hz crossover all around. Subwoofer nearfield, 3 feet away, sub output at 1 out of 10, phase 0. With the low output of 1 on the subwoofer, audyssey still puts negative 6.5db on auto setup.

I wasn't able to fully let the subwoofer go full blast because wife was home, LOL. But from mid level output, it sounded great. My memory foam mattress didn't shake but I didn't have it that loud. Tested lord of the rings trilogy, dark knight, war of the worlds. Even the surrounds seems improved on the attack of the clones beginning chase scene. Crossing all speakers over to the sub seemed to help a lot with clarity.

I tested some rock music as well. I wasn't expecting an improvement for music, but it has improved by a lot. Vocals and instruments sounded much clearer and my towers feel much more open and less congested. I can clearly hear an audible improvement. smile.gif Man, a subwoofer is so mandatory in my opinion. My center dialogue is oh so clear. LOL at MTM horizontal centers.

Now for some more pics. All speakers are naked. tongue.gif I got new drapes put up too. cool.gif

Done Deal DR's Avatar Done Deal DR 12:25 AM 05-23-2013
Congrats and glad you're happy with the purchase!
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