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BB1111's Avatar BB1111 10:07 PM 05-14-2013

I was wondering if I could get some opinions on these subwoofers.

I'm looking for a subwoofer with a compact footprint to go with my Martin Logans. I've narrowed it down currently to either a pair of SB12-NSD or a used Depth i that is available locally.

What I want to accomplish is mid-bass impact (feel it in your chest) during movies and accuracy for 2-channel music. The room is right around 3600 cu. ft and opens into a hallway. Room is 20' L, 14' W and 8' ceilings.

The dual subs would have to be located on the front wall on opposite sides of the audio rack next to each speaker. About 5 feet of separation between each one.

Any advice is appreciated

K5/SS's Avatar K5/SS 10:16 PM 05-14-2013
Probably not a popular opinion but I have owner a depth and dual Abyss subwoofers. The Depth is one of the best musical subwoofers I have ever heard. I have also owned a couple of SVS subwoofers and they are one of the top of the food chain sub companies for HT. 50/50 mix I would definitely lean towards the dual SVS subs. The Depth really doesn't get much respect around these parts, especially at it's MSRP price range.
deepat04's Avatar deepat04 10:25 PM 05-14-2013
How much are you paying for the Martin Logan?

From the specs of the ML it would require a second subwoofer to provide the bass impact you would like to achieve in your room size. I own the SVS SB12, one of the main reasons I bought the subwoofer was because of its small footprint, I use it in my bedroom and love everything about it, its fantastic with movies and music. Audioholics has a in dpeth review on the SB12 which really helped make my decision easy.

What is your budget?
BB1111's Avatar BB1111 10:26 PM 05-14-2013
Thank you for the reply K5.

How does your Rythmik compare to the Depth or SVS that you had? That was also another option I was considering but they are a little farther out of budget for duals.


The ML would cost me right around $1250 which is close to what dual SB12-NSDs retail for. I really don't want to go past $1200 for dual subwoofers.

I've also been curious to see if a servo-controlled subwoofer is that much better than a similar sealed design with a powerful amp.
K5/SS's Avatar K5/SS 10:37 PM 05-14-2013
I can tell you that the FV15HP is entirely a different animal. I have had quite the subwoofer journey, not as long or as expensive as many of the members here but I have completely impressed with my Rythmik.
deepat04's Avatar deepat04 12:14 AM 05-15-2013
K5 how does rythmik compare to svs in your opionin ?
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