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Challe77's Avatar Challe77 01:23 PM 07-29-2013
Hi, I get no sound from my new subwoofer (xtz 10.16) when doing a receiver-mic calibration. I tested the subwoofer directly to my bluray player and It came alive.
So no I´m wondering if my receiver (yamaha 667) is broken or if it´s just a setting adjustment that can fix this?


mystery123's Avatar mystery123 03:09 PM 07-29-2013
Some/many A/V receivers only send LFE signal to subwoofer out so it depends upon surround mode, input source whether it has LFE signal or not as well as settings.

Also, if front speakers are set to Large, you have set receiver to send LFE signal to both fronts and subwoofer otherwise sub will not get anything.
Challe77's Avatar Challe77 10:28 PM 07-29-2013
Ok, will try to find my manual somewhere, but I think it´s strange that the sub is not located when doing a calibration, I have connected it and using the same settings as my old sub before it broken, any yamaha owner that has had the same problem with their subwoofer connection?

mystery123's Avatar mystery123 07:29 AM 07-30-2013
One sure way to find if the setting is an issue is to route front speakers through the sub instead of using LFE.
From receiver, take front L/R speaker wires (not RCA) to the sub if it has high level in/out and then out from sub.
This guarantees that the sub gets signal all the time and set 'NO' subwoofer and large fronts in receiver settings.
Challe77's Avatar Challe77 10:43 AM 07-31-2013
ok, I´ve located the menu and set the L&R to small, the subwoofer was not even on. After that I can see the subwoofers woofer moving, although It still feel like something is blocking the subwoofer from achiving it´s full potential, It´s not much difference in bass between my front speakers and the sub (12"), when I connected the sub directly to my bluray I felt the rumbling, and I´m thinking "wow", this is how it´s suppose to sound.

Also, when doing A YMPA mic calibration the subwoofer does not make a sound and is set to none after, so I have to activate it manually later.

mystery123 - I haven´t tried your method yet, are you saying that I can route the cables like this all the time, or just for testing?

have tried every surround setting, choosen extra bass in the receivers menu...
mystery123's Avatar mystery123 03:09 PM 07-31-2013
All the time.
That's how subs are used with older receivers that don't have LFE out.
But since A/V receivers have LFE out and new movies in DVD/Blu-ray have dedicated LFE channel, it will be better for movies to use LFE out.
Challe77's Avatar Challe77 03:18 AM 08-01-2013
ok, figured out the problem, the subwoofer was set as -10 in the receiver, set it to +1 smile.gif
It´s just a little boomy bass, so I might need to do the crawl method and check where to place it.

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