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Hi guys new here with some questions. First let me thank you for answering my previous questions in this forum. My new sherbourn PT-7030 has two balanced and unbalanced subwoofer and center channel outputs. I am not going to even ask about the two center channel deal because I think it is a bad idea although it will be nice to know why does it have the two outputs. My main question is. Can I hook my two subs to this two outputs? I own a Carver SunfireTrue Subwoofer Mark IV that puts out 2700 wats rms. and a Velodyne SPL-1200 that puts out 1500 wats dynamic and 750 wats rms. (I used to run them with my old Yamaha RXV 2095 one to the only unbalanced output and the other one in line of the rear speakers.)

Will it sound good using them from this two separate outputs of the new preamp?
Is there such thing as a cable that converts balance outlet to unbalanced input? ( I don't know if this is useful) although the preamp comes with two separate unbalanced outputs for the subs and the subs only have unbalanced inputs . But I know there is better quality on sound and volume with balanced connections.
Again I'm new to this and please forgive my ignorance in this field. Just want to do whats best.
Last question. Wich of the two subs will you put in front.

Thanks in advance for your ideas. Ricky.
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Don't know about the two center channel outputs, hadn't seen that before and from the little I know about two different speakers using the same channel can cause cancellation issues.

There are cables that can convert balanced to unbalanced and vice versa but since your subs don't have balanced inputs there's no point to using a balanced pre-out, just use the unbalanced preouts from your processor.

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