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The goals of a system for music can be very different from person to person and a flat frequency response is not the only goal. It depends on the type of music, the amount of spl to be achieved and other factors that lead to enjoyment and not just measurements. Many tube amp people don't need to achieve reference level for their enjoyment and like the sound of even harmonic distortion. But, this is getting off track of this thread. Scientific principals is the foundation of audio but, creativity shapes the final product.

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Originally Posted by sdurani View Post

There's always more than one way to skin a cat. If you're willing, you should try the approach told to you by the speaker designer as well as Dr. Hsu's approach, to see which one sounds better in your situation.

Two important things to remember about using subwoofer placement to improve bass response: a) it's free (costs nothing to slide subs around), and b) it isn't permanent (if you don't like the results, move the subs back to where they were). The only limitation is your willingness to experiment.

Thanks sdrani. My limitation right now is that there aren't any subs in the room. I sold my old one to make room for an upgrade and now I'm trying to decide what the best solution is. I am currently building two 10" sealed subs for my apartment. The room I'm interested in is a loft space in a weekend place. I just purchased Fuzzmeasure (I'm a Mac guy) and I'm going to learn it in the next couple weeks. But I won't really be able to test these scenarios with two 10's--particularly when the BASH amp has no high pass filter.

What I can do in the meantime is finish the two 10's, bring them to the loft and play with positioning and measuring. My seating area is small, so if I can get a good response across the sole couch with a single placement, I'll then invest in one big sub.

I'm also going to email Dr. HSU pics of my room and see what his thoughts are on the midbass module approach. Problem is, I cross over my mains at 100hz so I'm not sure if it would work.


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