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To the OP,
I think the only way to get what you want is to get some ear plugs and crank the volume up. It will probably sound bad, but you'll feel the bass and not damage your ears.
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KidHorn, I had toyed with that idea, but like you said, the sound quality would suffer.
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I'd like to thank everyone again for taking the time to respond, and to also provide your ideas and insight.

To provide an update, when the time comes, I think I will probably get a 10-12 inch Polk/Klipsch and accept whatever compromises come with that decision.

Who knows, I eventually may splurge and get a Buttkicker. I have always wanted one. wink.gif

P.S. I also sincerely apologize for being a little slow with some of the thumbs up.

Please forgive the newbie.

My thanks again to all! I really appreciate it. smile.gif
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Buy direct from Buttkicker, the wireless kit is on sale right now for $299 plus free shipping. I took advantage of this.

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