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denizcell's Avatar denizcell 07:11 AM 11-10-2013

Hi, i would like to buy a subwoofer and i dont know which one is better for me Definitive Supercube Referance VS Jamo D600 thx sub  definitive 1800 watt but dont know if it is rms or peak and its not writing sensitivity and maximum spl d600 is 600 watt and 109 db sensitivity i want to buy it for %60 Movies %40 Music i dont like buzzing humming i love quiet earthquake which one is better ?

rnatalli's Avatar rnatalli 08:39 AM 11-10-2013
I would look at SVS, HSU, PSA, and Rythmik over either of those. What's your budget and room size?
denizcell's Avatar denizcell 08:45 AM 11-10-2013

yes but in my country i cant buy the woofers that you said .. 15 m2 room  onkyo 929 and i think jamo thx speakers or rf-82 klipsch i dont know but subwoofer in turkey  i cant buy the woofers that you said

braveheart123's Avatar braveheart123 09:47 AM 11-10-2013
Forget about SC Reference. Jamo D600 is a solid sub. Between the two; Jamo is a far better option.
denizcell's Avatar denizcell 09:57 AM 11-10-2013

thank you for your idea :)

braveheart123's Avatar braveheart123 10:02 AM 11-10-2013
I have a SC Reference sub. It is nothing more than a paper weight, trust me on this.
Jamo D600 should be flat down to early 20s with ample room gain if yours is between 2000-2500 cu ft.
denizcell's Avatar denizcell 10:09 AM 11-10-2013

My room is 15 M2  3.5 meter * 4.5 meter

braveheart123's Avatar braveheart123 10:12 AM 11-10-2013
Jamo will adequately pressurize it. Dont worry
denizcell's Avatar denizcell 10:21 AM 11-10-2013

Thank you realy

braveheart123's Avatar braveheart123 11:03 AM 11-10-2013
Here is one review of Jamo D600 in german;

You cab translate that in your language or English.

Here is another one;

In your room, D600 should be flat down to 20Hz.
denizcell's Avatar denizcell 11:49 AM 11-10-2013

You are realy perfect person :) if you go on to share we will start to design our new sub :)

denizcell's Avatar denizcell 09:51 AM 11-26-2013

Can you find the freq graphic of supercube referance ? what is the spl db maximum referance sc ?  it is supercube 4000  30 Hertz spl is better than d600 sub

braveheart123's Avatar braveheart123 10:05 AM 11-26-2013
The frequency charts are not max burst charts. They are just there to show you how a sub performs across the band. The FR drops like an F-16 on a nose dive at 32Hz for SC4000.

Jamo's FR is far better than it is for SC4000.
denizcell's Avatar denizcell 10:24 AM 11-26-2013

jamo maximum power 20 hertz spl 80-90 db ?   what about sc referance ?  on 20 hertz spl ?

braveheart123's Avatar braveheart123 10:49 AM 11-26-2013
Originally Posted by denizcell View Post

jamo maximum power 20 hertz spl 80-90 db ?   what about sc referance ?  on 20 hertz spl ?

You are incorrectly reading the frequency charts. As the name says, it is a frequency chart NOT maximum SPL chart. It just shows where the subs naturally roll off or drop.

This is taken from GTG shoot out from this link;

Definitive Supercube Reference
These particular subwoofer audition was done very differently. We used Ben's Rokit monitors to compliment rather than Mark's 8C's. We played different clips and it was a very relaxed -- anything goes audition thrown in on the tail of the day because the sub was available and a couple of us wanted to hear it. The sub measured poorly when confronted with the grossly exaggerated DefTec Specs. It has an obvious HPF installed at ~25hz, despite the fact it is marketed as effortlessly producing 11hz.

Take a look at it's frequency response in the post immediately before this one. Why does DefTech think they can use such BS marketing? I pity the poor sap who paid $1899 for this unit. You got taken. Now that DefTech is adequately shamed, I'll admit this sub doesn't sound bad, but it doesn't bring anything exciting to the table either, especially just after listening to the $3500 JTR Setup and the $6500 Seaton setup. The amp would shut down if we turned it up too loud. (It actually was shutting the amp off at -10dB). Subs were still 8dB hot so that means at -2dB on a flat calibrated reference system the DefTech amp just shuts off -- at least this one did --- multiple times. In my opinion this was one of the lesser performing subs of the day. It's a classy dame cosmetically, and at nearly 100lbs --- it weighs the part and is built tank tough ---- but it sure seemed to be all show and little go. It'd be fine for a secondary sub system on a living room TV, where you don't need reference level volume and don't care about frequency response being flat to 15 or 20hz. If you can buy this sub used for $400 or $500, or new for $750 it'd be alright. $1900 MSRP is just silly. Note the graph I posted where the SVS 20-39PCI that sold new for ~$500 range was directly competitive in frequency response and I'd wager fully competitive in actual capability as well.

Summary: Beautiful sub with compact size and high gloss finish! But that's where my praise ends. Amp shuts off? What? Why not just limit output instead of actually shutting of the the amp?!?

The FR is also given for SC Ref.
denizcell's Avatar denizcell 11:24 AM 11-26-2013

it is a realy perfect information now i under stand a little about subwoofers than what do you think about  for cinema effects or quiet earthquake what kind of characteristic different d600 between sc ref in my country they are same price. but which one can more quite more pressure ? 

braveheart123's Avatar braveheart123 11:41 AM 11-26-2013
but which one can more quite more pressure ?

More pressure isn't the issue. It's about which sub can plan cleanly, loudly, and dig lower. SC Ref, I'm afraid, is a loud sub but loses big time on depth and clean playback. Even my tiny 300 watts balls buster (PSB S300) digs lower and cleaner than SC Ref. And I do have an SC Ref collecting dust in my store room.

At the end of the day, it's your money and your choice.
denizcell's Avatar denizcell 12:22 PM 11-26-2013

cleanly is important of course but in subwoofers how can i know how much clear and loudness for example when will buy an amplifer i look 5 channel contunioulsly driven into 8 ohm % 0.1 thd 20 - 20000 hertz  how much watt .. in subwooher which property is importent i cant listen the subwoofers before buy only can look from web and forums .. my country has not got hi fi demo rooms enought ..   i cant be sure which sub and speakers for cinema :( ive bought 929 only yet .. the sound quality of the films that i am watching from hd 1080i satellite receiver is not perfect .. some films sound coming 2 channel and very bad quality in the some films subwoofer woofing when a man tolking whose sound little bas tone .. i will cut the freq 40 hertz sometimes but i cant cut freq if i use loud speakers for fronts .. what do you think about d 600 LCR thx speakers ? or definitive promonitor 1000 speakers ? sometimes good quality sound 5 channel coming cleanly .. but subwoofer have to be succesfuly at only under 40 hertz because i will never use more than 40 hertz ..

braveheart123's Avatar braveheart123 08:18 PM 11-26-2013
cleanly is important of course but in subwoofers how can i know how much clear and loudness

Less distortion is the indicator of clean sound.
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