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Bill Fitzmaurice's Avatar Bill Fitzmaurice 04:38 PM 01-16-2014
Originally Posted by bear123 View Post

Pretty sure he stated 6 dB regardless of placement.  But since the FR will differ at the LP based on differing placement, it wont be an identical FR curve.  Therefore it is not an identical and excact 6 dB increase at every frequency.  It should end up being smoother, raising some of the low spots in the FR more than 6 dB(hence smoothing), but perhaps less in the peak FR of the single sub.  But average of 6dB.  So according to this, my previous understanding of the way running dual subs was incorrect, and placing them apart makes even more sense than i thought.
+1. You don't magically get more output from two subs mutually coupled than when they aren't. When you double the sub (or any speaker) count you double the total cone excursion. That gives a 6dB increase in output. When mutually coupled what you will get is 6dB at every frequency at every spot in the room. When separated the increase will vary depending on the listener's position. There will even be some spots where there will be a lower level, where the waves from the subs, direct or reflected, meet 180 degrees out of phase. That works in our favor when that happens in a spot where one sub alone has a response peak at that frequency.

asere's Avatar asere 02:21 PM 10-29-2014
I realize this thread is kinda old now but I own one DXD 12012 and it sounds really nice and it does pressurize my 5400cf room.
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