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Originally I have a $200 budget for a subwoofer, after some research, I decided to increase the budget to $500. I saw this great review and want to pick one from the list: I prefer to buy either PA-150 or PB-1000 after some research. Any suggestion about which one I should pick? Any other recommendation is also appreciated.


My HT room is in basement, a 3500 cf room open to a 500 cf room. Carpet floor. The ceiling is 7 feet high. 


I just bought a SW-112 from fry's ($470+tax, good deal?) last week. When I test the base, I heard some strange noise coming from inside of the subwoofer (near the control panel in the back of the sub) when playing sound around 20 to 30 hz. I decided to return it.


For the subwoofer placement, I understand to find a perfect place may need to do a sub crawl. But I would prefer to place my subwoofer to one of the positions marked as P-1 to P-4 in the diagram below. Currently I put sw-112 at P-1. I need some experts to help me choose the one spot relatively best among those 4 positions. 


Any recommendation about the other speakers and Sofa's placement is also highly appreciated!



* Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR626 

* Front: Infinity P363

* Center: Infinity PC351

* Surround: Bose 201 Series III speaker.

* Subwoofer: researching

* Projector: Epson HC 3020.


Thanks for any suggestion you may have! 




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From what I can see, and from what I have read, I doubt will find a better option than the pb1000 for your room with a $500 budget.  In fact, the output was quite impressive for what it is.

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If your willing to give up sub 30hz for more mid-bass punch the PA150 has a significant advantage above. In fact it's close to a rythmik FV12HP above 60hz. It will give you a lot more punch than the PB1000, but you do give up the lower frequencies.

A pair of these would be pretty nice for the price. wink.gif

Given the size of the room you might be able to experience much of the 20hz output from a single PB1000 unless it was placed near field.

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IMO, whatever sub you go with, place it directly behind your seats. That will get you the most tactile feel especially with the boundary wall near it. This should help get the most out of your sub. I'd probably go with the pb1000 if you place it behind the couch.
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I'd go with the PB-1000 myself.
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Those new Dayton sub 1500's might be worth a look. A pair of them ought to give ya the best of both worlds for that large room. The PB-1000 is a well regarded sub being its placed in a room that it can work in....4000^3 does not fall in that category. That being said SVS does have a 45 day free trial so if it is not enough sub you can always return it.
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i have a pa-150 in my classroom and its probably well over 4000 cu ft and you seriously won't believe the output this thing has. Like every says it doesn't dig particularly deep but it can get LOUD and rattle windows. It's going to be cheaper than the svs so thats another thing it's got going for it. Since svs has a 45 day try out period i would do that first. If you are happy, keep it, otherwise return it and get the pa150

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I agree with basshead and phatfreeza regarding the worry free trail on the PB-1000, it can't hurt to try it out and see if you are happy.


That said, if you want output above 40hz then the PA-150 would be good but if you want a sub that can dig deeper then I would go with the PB-1000 (assuming either of them can handle pressurizing a room that size). 


Finally, I would either move my speakers in a little so I could put the sub in the front left corner and try corner loading or I would go nearfield as dominguez suggested. 

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Personally, I don't think any of the subs suggested here will work very well because that space is just too big. I haven't heard the either of the two subs being suggested but while I'm sure they can be heard in this space, I don't think they will add any real quality to the experience.

This is just my $.03 of course.

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