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Originally Posted by shadyJ View Post

Read closer, Jeremy stopped by to amend a comment about room gain from basshead. And you make it sound like there is some sort of consortium of people on my case all the time in every forum, when really its only you and a couple other guys who can't handle a civil discussion. Your invective against me is as fact free as your subwoofer reviews. Why not just do us both a favor: if you can not talk to me without resorting to personal attacks and insults, just put me on ignore.

Sorry but and not being a acolyte of sub reviews i appreciate the time the reviewers put in to it of course we all should take it with a grain of salt and we have the last say . I appreciate Jim reviews they are very informative and plus we have almost the same taste in music so that helps to have a idea of what a sub can do ... do i have to agree to that ??? Depends , my room is different from his but a appreciate the effort and accept his findings .Do i have to agree ?? Not always but that goes with the individual personal opinions .

Now of course i like information like anybody else and i also saw the link that you posted . My findings are that review lacks information and to say at least the all site looks ..... shady .

I understand the OP and for me he is just hyped with his new sub and good for him , what matters is that he likes it . Would i jump and say that he is totally right ... maybe not but you were the one that started the not so good reviews made by someone that you don't agree with ....
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Really? This thread's still active? What's left to say?


Just kidding (maybe). :rolleyes: 

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Originally Posted by shadyJ View Post

I believe the VTF2 is using the same driver as the VTF3. I know the mk3 models did. If so, that will make the VTF2 a very cleanly performing sub for the price. The output will be more amp limited than excursion limited than the VTF3, so the highest performance levels should be very clean and neutral. With respect to performance, I think you can expect something like the Outlaw EX but knock 3 dB off, and greatly reduce distortion with probably a flatter response, at least in 2 port mode.

Thank you for the very informative and polite response, now that wasn't so hard hard was it? smile.gif
Cheers Jeff
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