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Originally Posted by socal swagger View Post

Narrow ed it down to duals XV15 or HSU vtf15h....I like the rosewood finish but spec wise xv15 are about the same as the hsu n less$$$

Xv30f look impressive but very little review s

Dual XV15s is a great way to go IMO but then again I own the XV15 and am very happy with it so I might be little biased. But make no mistake, the VTF15h is a great sub. That said I think going duals is a smart approach and I recommend getting two subs if you can swing it. I've had dual subs in the past and I can honestly say that 2nd sub makes a difference in smoothing out the bass across more LPs in the room. Personally I'm about a month away from finally being able to pull the trigger on my 2nd XV15 and I'm very much looking forward to getting a 2nd sub up and running. 

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and if you are saying it is more accurate to compare the vtf-3 against the xv-15 you better look long and hard at the 2007 sound and vision article that compared the vtf-3 with the upgraded turbo attachment to the Klipsch RW-12D subs you are unhappy with and realize....

those rw-12d subs are not night and day worse...


Again...because one person is happy with a sub or a pair of subs doesn't mean you will be or vice versa. The trick is figuring out what you want/expect, and then trying to find comparisons against what you have (or are currently dissatisfied with).

To me...I think you are hoping for more sub than your are actually going to be purchasing with these models in that size room.

Good luck with your decision.

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So how would the hsu be configured to compete or beat he XV15? Please break it down for me, from what i gathered is in single modethe hsu is equal but in dual port its better or vice versa?
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Originally Posted by socal swagger View Post

So how would the hsu be configured to compete or beat he XV15? Please break it down for me, from what i gathered is in single modethe hsu is equal but in dual port its better or vice versa?

2 port but then you loose a significant amount of 16hz output compared to the XV15. You are trading extension for output. I am not trying to steer you away from the VTF-15's. If they are in your budget get them. smile.gif
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Let's discuss subwoofers and not 1) each other nor 2) companies ya hold a grudge against.

NOTE: Disparaging statements you make against another person or company must be completely, irrefutably true and backed by solid references, otherwise it COULD be considered libel. If you believe something a company says is untrue, there are proper channels to address that. AVS isn't one of them. Questioning is fine, within reason. Defaming is not.

The entire questionable discussion has been removed.

Further unsubstantiated libelous claims in this or any other thread may result in being banned from the thread without any further notice.
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