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Hey guys,


I originally came here looking for a budget subwoofer but people here as well as SVS's support and audition made me curious about the PC12. I purchased it intending to return it unless it completely blew me away, but it did blow me away and I kept it. Recently, the cone, I believe, came undone a little, so instead of having SVS send me a replacement woofer and have me change it out, I opted for just upgrading to the PC12+ as I was interested in doing so anyway.


I've noticed an improvement from the PC12, but I don't know where to go from here, or if I should have even upgraded to the PC12+ or purchased a subwoofer from a different company, or something else from SVS. I'm just having some issues with the PC12+ (other than having to wait because FedEx broke the first one) and if I have to return it I want to be prepared in my next decision.


Here's some information:

  • I listen to music most of the time, so that's priority
  • It's in a 16x10x8 living room
  • There's a hallway and another opening to the kitchen
  • I'd like to keep the subwoofer under the TV/center


I really, really, like the support SVS offers so I'd like to stay within their company, unless something Rythmik or another brand offers is much better.


Some things I've been considering:

  • Upgrade to PC13-Ultra
  • Upgrading to dual PB-2000's
  • Maybe even PB13-Ultra?
  • Rythmik FV15HP


Some things I like in a subwoofer:

  • Being very clear in what it plays, not just power
  • Still have enough power to shake my whole small house: the PC12 could do this, as can the PC12+
  • Having a limiter is a bonus - the PC12 did but the PC12+ doesn't
  • No port noise, not easy to clip, or bottoming
  • I'm not too concerned about going under 20Hz but that's a plus
  • I really like the "punch" feeling and the sub having a lot of airflow
  • Don't overpower my Polk 7.1 system (would be hard to do, neither the PC12 or PC12+ has)


Some specific questions I have:

  • Would a PC13-Ultra be better or dual PB-2000, or dual subs vs. one more expensive one (2x price) in general?
  • Does anyone know if Rhytmik or another company has comparable support to SVS? What brands are known to not have good support?
  • I saw a spreadsheet where someone had a score per dollar for the most popular subwoofers, can someone link me?



Thanks in advance for your help!

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They all have top notch support, as does power sound audio. Have you looked at them? XS30.
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My advice to you would be to download REW from hometheatershack.com, order a UMIK-1 mic from miniDSP, and measure your in room response.  Whatever upgrade option you choose, go the dual sub route.  This will be a bigger upgrade than going to any single sub due to the smoother response you will get throughout your room across the board.  REW and the mic will allow you to measure different placement options to get the smoothest response possible.  Otherwise, you are likely to have something like this happening without even realizing it:



Here is what going to dual subs can do:


So that is my first bit of advice: go duals and measure.


As far as which subs to go with, the easiest choice would be to add another PC12 Plus if that is the design you like.  Its a very good sub.  It all depends on your max budget.  If dual PC+ is out of the budget, I would take dual PB2000 over a single + any day of the week.  Or dual PSA XV15's for a bit higher output.  Or dual Hsu VTF15 for the next step(close to + output).  After that Rythmik FV15HP's will give you PBultra performance.


Hope this helps, and good luck.

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