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MeggyChoo's Avatar MeggyChoo 08:52 PM 07-04-2014
I'm very new to audio equipment as this is my first attempt at a 5.1 setup.

Yamaha RX-V575 (Reciever)
Polk Audio RM6750 (Speakers)

It's my understanding that I'll need to use 'Subwoofer Pre Out' to connect to the Subwoofer.

However, my Subwoofer only has 'Line In' and 'Speaker Level Output'.

So what sort of wire do I need to connect to the Subwoofer? Typical Subwoofer wire has only 1 end. Do I need to split it to Left and Right?

Kini62's Avatar Kini62 12:55 AM 07-05-2014
Normally just plug your sub cable into the left line in jack. Give that a try. If it doesn't seem to be working properly you may need a y splitter. That would be very unlikely though.
eljaycanuck's Avatar eljaycanuck 08:11 AM 07-05-2014
Originally Posted by MeggyChoo
I'm very new to audio equipment ...
Which is why reading the owner's manuals is always a good first step.

According to pg. 6 of the manual for your sub (PDF):
Originally Posted by Polk RM6750 owner's manual

Receivers that include a “Sub Out” feature—the most common hookup method with
Dolby® Digital receivers.

NOTE: Use either the L or R Line input (another hookup option is to use a Y-split cable
and connect both L and R Line inputs). After you make this Sub Out connection, turn
the "Low Pass" filter fully clockwise.
1. Try connecting your AVR (SUBWOOFER PRE OUT 1) to your sub using either the left or the right input on the sub.
2. If that works, you're set.
3. If that doesn't work, get a Y-splitter (single RCA female to dual RCA male - something like this) and connect to both inputs.
Blazen244's Avatar Blazen244 08:27 AM 07-05-2014
There is a y adaptor that you can use that 2 males and 1 female, your current rca will connect to the female end and the two male ends will go to your sub inputs.
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hotrod351's Avatar hotrod351 04:17 AM 07-07-2014
agree, shouldnt need both. so try it. the splitters are cheap though. i know on my yamaha RX-V620 and RX-A1020 thats how i did it. cant remember if i used L or R input on sub, but didnt need both.
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