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2 AVR sub outputs to 1 subwoofer- benefits?

Hello everyone. I really tried to find this answer before posting here, but haven't come across anything (or I didn't google it correctly).

I have the Sony STR-DN840 receiver which has 7.2 channels. I am beyond happy with the best subwoofer I've purchased in the Infinity Primus PS410 very recently to replace a failed and miserable JBL Venue 10. My question is...is there a sonic benefit to using both sub out ports on the receiver with one cable going into the L and the second port/cable going into the R sub ports? Secondly, and most importantly, will doing something like this tax the subwoofer or do harm to it?

I do have a spare sub (Polk PSW10) to 'test' or 'play' with this setup first, but I also don't want to harm the receiver, even though logically I don't see my scenario harming it. Again, I don't know if this will even make a musical difference, but the idea just crossed my mind.

Any thoughts you can share would be greatly appreciated.
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There is no benefit to using both pre-outs for one subwoofer.

There is a benefit if you use the 2 subwoofers.
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Not only is there no benefit, I think it would most likely confuse the hell out of your AVR.
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If the two outputs are summed, like my Pioneer is, then it wouldn't matter if you used both outputs to the two inputs of the sub with a conventional two channel RCA cable. If the Sony treats them as two separate outputs then I'd only use one for sure. I use both of my outputs to feed both Minidsp inputs, but if my Pioneer had treated the two outputs as right and left, then I'd have only used one, and used a y-adapter.

I do however run 3 subs.
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If you use both outputs out of the AVR to the sub then the sub level will increase about 3db. I do not mean the sub will gain 3db of headroom, the level will raise as if you turned the gain up since both inputs are being used at the Sub. Dual sub outs from the AVR simply is just a mono signal that has a built in Y. It would be no different then plugging a Y adapter into .1 sub out to make 2 sub outputs. That being said, I would not do this with any of the higher end AVR's with dual sub eq capability, nor is there any reason to do this period unless you have issues with the sub auto on not functioning correctly due to low input signal.
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