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jmcomp124's Avatar jmcomp124 03:28 PM 01-03-2004
I am eagerly waiting for the SVS PB2-Plus and would like your opinions on how you like it for Music. I recently sold my Velodyne HGS-18 series II that was awesome for Music and great for Movies. At reference levels and slightly beyond I felt that the HGS-18 was beginning to compress (because of the servo) and some measurements made this a little more clear. I have owned an SVS 16-46 PC+ which was also very good but I did not test the 16-46 for compression at high levels. (By compression, I mean, increase your master volume by +3dB increments and the total SPL also should change by +3dB. At close to reference levels, the sub and maybe the mains too do not faithfully reporoduce the +3dB increments and it starts slowly lagging behind). I have the Rocket RS750 for mains and was thinking of the SVS B4+ but decided to go with the PB2-Plus (given my room size of 14x27x that opens into a kitchen) and get a separate pair of speakers for Music (Onix Ref1 monitors). An external crossover (Marchand XM9L) crossoved over at 80Hz will redirect the bass to the PB2-Plus. The XM9L and the PB2-Plus will be used for both Music and Movies. While listening to Music, I would have the Onix Ref1 and PB2-Plus with Citation 7.1 amps driving the ref1 with a bottlehead upgraded tube pre-amp and RME Digi96/PAD DAC for the front-end. While watching movies, I would be using the RS750s for fronts instead of the Onix Ref1 but the same PB2-Plus thorugh the XM9L crossover. The extra channels in the Citations will be driving the RS750s. Switching between the Onix ref1 and RS750 will be done in line level and hence the need for 2 extra amplifications channels.

So, how good will the PB2-Plus sound for Music ?


fatbottom's Avatar fatbottom 03:42 PM 01-03-2004
Dunno, don't have the PB2 Plus myself. Suprised you set the sub to 80hz for music (I prefer lower setting - 40hz for mains, 40hz for sub)- that's if your mains can go that low, which I think they do (big floorstanders) and possibly switch to 80hz for mains, 80hz for sub for DVD.

I have floorstanders myself and I think it works better this way. Have you tried this yourself?

Just a question regarding the Velodyne- how does it compare against the 16hz cylinder & PB2 Plus box sub?

Oh yeah you do know the PB2 Ultra is out? ;-)
jmcomp124's Avatar jmcomp124 04:47 PM 01-03-2004
My mains roll off at 40Hz and are capable of very good bass, however, I guess the PB2-Plus would do better for those frequencies. The Marchand XM9L takes additional modules and I have tried the 60Hz module. Couldn't find a night and day difference between the 80Hz and 60Hz setting. 40Hz would be too low. Remember even with a 24dB/Octave slope at reference levels you will be seeing high levels at 20Hz with a 40Hz crossover. I forgot to mention that I am still waiting for the PB2-Plus. I was tempted to get the PB2-ultra but could not justify the $1K for that improvement. The Velo was in a different league when compared to the 16-46 PC+. The Velo is in the $2K price range whereas teh 16-46PC+ is under $1K. Not a fair comparison and obviously, the Velo was better.
fatbottom's Avatar fatbottom 05:07 PM 01-03-2004
The HGS-18 is only $2000? That's a amazing price- it retails for £2700 in the UK. That's about $4800! :-O The DD-18 is £3300- $6000!

Nice we pay so much VAT :-( My 20-39 PC Plus was about £700.

What was the difference between the 16hz PC Plus & HGS-18? Considering the huge difference in UK pricing would you say it's worth the extra? I guess in the US the difference of the SVS at $850 and $2000 isn't that much.
tuskenraider's Avatar tuskenraider 05:38 PM 01-03-2004
I think mine sounds great for music(2 and multi-channel) along with my Paradigm Monitor 11's, 7's and CC370. It is set with an 80hz crossover on my receiver(speakers set to "small") and calibrated about -2db with all the speakers with an RS meter. I listen to everything but country. I'll sometimes lower the bass output with some jazz selections in multi-channel. I'm believing it's the format that overemphasizes the bass though, since everything else seems great. With rock it just sits back and does it's thing. If I throw some dance or rap on I can jack the output up and shake the house. I love it.
DrSpike69's Avatar DrSpike69 08:06 PM 01-03-2004
I can't speak for the PB2+ but the B4+ that you were thinking of works well for music and HT. At least in my room and for my ears. :D

The velo you had was a good sub too, IMO.
Ddavidson's Avatar Ddavidson 11:30 PM 01-03-2004
The HGS-18 is only $2000?
You can get this a lot cheaper here if you shop around. Because they are made here of course they should be much cheaper here, much like REL prices for US customers are a lot more than you pay.
Just a question regarding the Velodyne- how does it compare against the 16hz cylinder & PB2 Plus box sub?
The HGS-18 II was IMO more balanced and more detailed in a direct comparison with the 16-46+ and a PB2 Plus. My friend owns the 16-46+ and the Velodyne HGS-18 II and was looking to get the PB2 Plus to replace his 16-46+. The Velodyne definitely had the better and much more balanced FR that did not upset the detail of the music like the big Svs did. The big Svs however certainly had lots of power even with a decent sized room. Of course the Svs is still several hundred dollars cheaper than the best deal on a HGS-18 II.

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