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matti's Avatar matti 01:18 PM 01-04-2004
I thought that I saw some mention on this board about Hsu offering these for $849, but I can't seem to find it when I search. Would someone here be kind enough to tell me the details of this? Are they A-stock units and is shipping included? Thanks.

EZRider's Avatar EZRider 01:32 PM 01-04-2004
As I recall the deal was offered via a link on this site. Ultimately, all it required was tha you entered "AVS" as the coupon code. I didn't get that far as the coupon code was on one of the final pages in the checkout and I wasn't that interested in exploring and maybe finding I'd bought one by mistake!
John Robert's Avatar John Robert 05:30 PM 01-04-2004
Not sure it still exists, best to call or email Hsu and find out. It was a link where it now says "Sponsors Claim This Spot" above. Price did include shipping. The VTF-3R is a great sub...


Edit: While I was posting, the ad reappeared. Use code "AVS" to get price...
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